Friday, April 1, 2011

Lots of Baking.... Fail.

Boy oh boy. What a day! Today my best friend Ellie and I were asked by my mom to make cupcakes and cake pops for a party she is having tomorrow for Baby Bro. So we eagerly agreed, and perhaps a little too soon. Haha. Maybe it was because it is April Fool's Day, or maybe because we just aren't that experienced in baking yet... But it was an adventure. We sure did learn some things though....

First, just because you want double the amount of product a recipe produces, does not mean double the entire recipe... Second, when the instructions tell you not to overheat the candy coating... Do NOT overheat the candy coating! Haha. Third, baking with three small children is not preferable circumstances! 

But we finished, and hopefully they don't throw us out of the party with rotten fruit and vegetables tomorrow! Haha. Bestie and I are supposed to go on a run tonight, if we can find someone to watch the baby. I really need a run! If not, then we will P90X it up in the living room and she can just watch. Or join in, more likely! 

Today we pulled a fun April Fool's Day prank! At Ellie's house they have the 'man cave' (a.k.a. garage) with a huge flatscreen tv, an Xbox 360, a Wii, a Nintendo 64, NES, and SNES. SO we moved the tv and the Xbox, and messed up the rest of the garage and took pictures, and told everyone they were robbed. It was hilarious. Here are the photos..

I also have a few of the non-chosen dress photos! Here you go!

And here are some photos from when I took Baby Bro and Akemi to the zoo. (Or as Akemi calls it, the jungle!) 

Well, that's all for the day! Have fun everyone! :)


  1. bahahahaha! love the not the dress photos! I've been wanting to post my pick and rejects forever but i'm LAZZZYYYYY! <3 I cant wait to see photos of your actual dress someday! =) so exciting!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Hahaha great April Fool's joke! I love your sassy poses in the dress pics!

  3. You look like you are having so much fun trying on trying on all those dresses! It's good to see you are enjoying your time at home!

  4. Aw i can just imagine you being a beautiful bride!!
    I'm making cake pops today :)

  5. haha HIlARIOUS prank!! well played by you!! You are going to be such a beautiful bride!!!! :)

  6. love the dressesss. I tried to pull an april fool on my hubby and tell him I had to work an overnight- but he just went and planned a boys night instead! FAIL.

  7. Great photos! You look great in the dresses even if they are "the one"...

    I've messed up baking recipes more times than I can count!

  8. All the dresses are so pretty!! I'm sure dress-hunting was so much fun! Girl, I'm so bad with baking! I'm sure your goodies weren't too bad :)

  9. That is one of my things to improve - my baking skills! I think they were a success with my stuffed cookies, I can't wait to try cake balls/pops!

    I love the dress photos! I have been waiting!!!!

  10. Haha! What a great April Fool's prank!

    And I just love those dresses! You look like such a princess. I can't wait to see THE dress! :)

  11. Hahah nice prank! I didnt do one...should have! And cute pics :)

  12. I can't get over how much I LOVE your hair!