Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Playing catch-up!

Hey y'all! I've just come to the conclusion that blogging on vacation is complicated, especially when my mother has no wireless internet! Haha. I caved and went out and bought her a router, and now I can blog to my heart's content on my own computer, which is better due to the fact that that is where all of my photos are! 

Ok.... where to start... I guess with the really big news. I'm not getting married anymore. The circumstances are private and personal, far too much so for a public blog, but there all the same. I can't avoid sharing it anymore. Shane and I are still together, but there is no longer a wedding in the works. I'm also not moving to North Carolina this summer (I'm sorry Jenn, I so wanted to be neighbors!) So as you can imagine I have been stressed and upset. That's also all I want to say on the matter at this time...

SO. I'll get back to other news. Yesterday I went to The University of Florida (a.k.a. my dream school) to find out what I have to get accepted. I will be a Florida Gator. I will. So now I have to focus on taking my SATs and my ACTs (I'm taking both to see which one I'm stronger at. Let's just say my high school grades were.... beneath my abilities....haha.) I may have to end up getting my AA (or the equivalent which is 60 credits and then transfer), but I'd rather just start as a Freshman. I'm really leaning towards nutrition. So I will be applying this fall for next year, so wish me luck and say lots of prayers!!! 

I went to the beach with my cousin and her beautiful little girl and my momma. It was super cute, since it was Avah's first time to the beach. I KNOW. Major FL mommy fail, since Avah is four. I gave Amber such a hard time! Haha. But she had such a blast flying kites and running around. It was precious.

I bought the Jillian Michaels's Yoga meltdown video, and I love it! I have been super slacker on running, but I have been doing lots of videos (P90X and Yoga meltdown mostly!) Too much eating out for my own good, I think though. And wayyyyy too much Starbucks. Seriously. I'm addicted to non-fat Chai Tea Lattes. Which has  200 calories (thank you Droid app!). I only have one a day AT MOST, so I figure I could have worse addictions. 

Today Ellie has a friend visiting from Washington (the state!) so I'm excited to meet him, so I'm sure I'll be posting about that! I leave back to Virginia for my last month in the Navy this weekend, and then I'll just be using that time to play catch up on running and reading! I did finish reading the new Sweet Valley book (I was super addicted as a kid!!), and it was ok. Not great, not bad, just ok. Haha. :) 

Also, I'll be changing around the blog a bit when I get some time, and probably changing the URL for obvious reasons... Anyways I love y'all, and have really missed you!!


  1. I'm glad you are back to blogging! I'm sorry to hear that things have been so crazy for you and I hope things work out the way you want. Especially with U of FL (even though I think that technically makes us sworn enemies since I got to Ohio State). Good luck with everything! Do make sure to let me know if and when you change your blog URL because I want to keep reading!

  2. I'm so glad you're back! I've missed you! I'm sorry to hear about everything, but you're a strong girl! You'll be a Florida Gator in no time too! I love Jillian's yoga video also! I've only tried Level 1 and it's so tough. I'm glad you're back!!! :)

  3. 1. I'm moving too. life sucks like that.
    2. we so need to catch up! we're still besties even though we aren't gonna be neighbors.
    3. eff the gators =)
    4. enter my giveaway now!!! <3 mwah!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

    love ya!

  4. UMM i'm an FSU fan so i say NO to UF!!
    I'm so sorry to hear about everything Katy - You are strong and I'm sure everything will workout just the way it should be.
    Hang in there girly

  5. So glad you're back! Sending hugs your way! Good idea to take both tests - my SAT score waqs really awful, but I rocked the ACTs (my niece just did the same thing this year). You'll be a Gator in no time!

  6. Hey lady, glad to see you back! Hopefully everything works out for you--good luck with SATs and such! I love yoga meltdown too- I am trying to "reel it in" as well but it's so hard when there are jelly beans for Easter everywhere (um, like in my kitchen cabinet).