About Me

Hey y'all.

My name is Katy. I'm just an average 24 year old who is trying to get more involved in personal health, and live a more active life. I am engaged to my favorite person in the world, Shane, and he helps keep me sane. That almost rhymed.

I'm trying to be a runner, and when my upper thigh cooperates, I really enjoy doing so. I also love weights, and am learning to love the elliptical. It's a journey, though.

Shane and I are both in the military, I'm NAVY, and he's a Marine. We are both currently deployed, though he's the only one in a dangerous area (Trashcanistan Afghanistan). He is off making me absolutely paranoid with worry doing Marine things, while I sit in Africa and try to avoid our ice cream bar. :)

We're getting married in October of 2011, and I can't wait to no longer have to plan a wedding be married. He's the love of my life, and I can't wait to spend the rest of it with him. 

I have hit some highs and lows with weight, and self esteem right along with it. I'm currently trying to lose some weight, but overall just be healthy. I love working out, and I consider myself a drug addict, only now I'm just addicted to endorphins. :)

I have an amazing family and kick-butt friends, along with the best goddaughter a girl can ask for. I hope you guys enjoy the peek into my life, and I look forward to being internet friends!
My Godbaby is an animal.