Saturday, April 16, 2011

Road Trip Preparations

Sitting here painting my finger and toenails, while watching Desperate Housewives. I heart this show pretty hardcore, but I'm only just into the second season, so no spoilers!! When I'm finished I'll post pics of my home mani/pedi. I very rarely (aka never) get professional ones anymore. One, my nails always have to be boring colors for the fingernails, thanks to the Navy. Two, they always take y feet calluses off, and at the risk of being gross, I like those. They aren't large and gross enough to see, and it makes wearing heels really painful. Haha. 

One more month of boring nails, and it's back to fun flirty colors. I am obsessed with colorful nails. Black, navy, pastels, glitter. You name it, I love it. 

Tomorrow I start the trek back up to Virginia. I've never made this drive before, so I'm hoping it goes well, and storm free. Prayers and well wishes are welcome, as always! :) My last day here in Jacksonville (or as it happens about 30 minutes outside of it, since my mom lives way out in the boonies. Seriously, we hear banjoes way too often for my comfort....) was very quiet. It was Baby Bro's seventh birthday, but since we celebrated with a huge party a few weeks ago, it was just quiet family time. I bought an XBOX yesterday (seriously can't live without one.... I have issues, I know.) and usually BB is not allowed to play video games, but he was granted a reprieve for his b-day so he spent the majority of his day riding his new bike, or playing Lego Harry Potter. Kinda boring sounding, but we enjoyed it. 

We also went to his school yesterday and had brownies and cookies with his class. The kids were super excited to hear about Africa, and then we spent time helping the teacher. The school allows you to volunteer (after a background check, of course!) and you get to assist the teacher grade papers, make notes to send home to the parents, etc. It is fun, shows Baby Bro I'm interested in his life, and will look good on my college application! I know I'm considering a degree in nutrition, but teaching is definitely a consideration. I still have some time to think of it. :)

I charged up my camera so tomorrow I can take pictures of my long, boring, lonely road trip tomorrow. Maybe I'll stop for lunch at a wi-fi spot and read up on your blogs to keep myself from going out of my mind. I also have Pandora on my phone (and a car charger!) and loads of awesome cds. (I seriously need to get an iPod hookup in the truck.) I'll probably spend loads of time talking to myself, too. Haha. I love road trips, but not solo ones. 

Ok, time for some honesty. I have been S.L.A.C.K.I.N.G. in exercise/eating lately. That ends now. I am officially no longer on vacation (not that a month long vacay should be excused...) and it's time to get serious. Plus I really miss running, no lie. So I need to start. :) I also need to start getting some sun on this pale white girl body, and am planning on working on that also. Haha. :) Also, since my hair grows super fast, I need to get my roots fixed up. Four weeks, and my roots are where most people's are at 6-8. I've already had to trim my bangs once. 


  1. I hope your road trip is going well! I was just thinking yesterday I needed to paint my toenails before they turn black and fall off. I'm also not getting pedicures because I want to keep my running calluses for my half in a few weeks. I think you should pick the most outrageous neon polish you can find for the second you are free from the Navy.

  2. Love the purple color on your toes! Good luck on the trip. Hopefully, you didn't hit any storms! Your BB is adorable, especially that hair!

  3. I adore that purple nail polish! And that's the thing about bangs--they're sooo cute but you have to trim them constantly. You'll get back on the healthy wagon sooner or later, don't beat yourself up :-)

  4. Hope your road trip is going smoothly! It sounds like you had a nice time with your family...and your baby bro is so cute!

    I'm with you on the anti-mani/pedis. I hate it when they massage my feet and trim my cuticles...I like them and feel like they're meant to be there!

  5. Ah i love manicures and pedicures...girl you need to let yourself be spoiled!

    It's hard coming back to the states and being sooo busy and fitting in working out and eating healthy. You'll find your balance!!

    Hope your road trip is going ok!

  6. i'm usually grey or black nails and I decided to brighten it up this week with some crazy pink!

  7. You deserved a vacay girl!! I miss reading your blog as often though :) xoxo!

  8. Hope the road trip goes well!

    And hey, we all need a break sometimes, but getting back into running will feel so great! :) And I love your pretty nails!

    That's cool that you can volunteer at your bro's school. I love that you love your family so much. :)

  9. i love your hair blonde and im glad that i can sneak on you from facebook so i don't notice you are gone as much!!

  10. I'm jealous! I want a road trip that doesn't involve reaching an ultimate destination of anywhere north of Virginia! I just started back on this. So hopefully I keep up with my postings from now on :)