Thursday, March 3, 2011

14 - Much Ado About Nothing... Seriously.

I have been sitting here trying to think of something to write... And I've got nothing. Haha.

I did however start a Facebook page for RTtA! So, if you haven't yet, click like up in the right hand corner!! Please! I mean, right now it's kind of lackluster, since I'm just figuring out the whole "page" thing. But it'll get better, I promise!! :)

Tomorrow is the BFF's birthday, so I will be uploading lots of photos of us being silly, to include a horrendously embarrassing video of us singing. We're almost as talented as that guy who sang "She Bangs" on American Idol. Anyone else remember William Hung?! Haha. She's going to kill me.

So I was sitting at work tonight and found the most amazing tea ever. I love tea so much. So finding new yummy teas is always exciting for me! I can't take a picture of it here, so I had to look it up to find a picture.


This stuff just makes the room smell good. It tastes awesome, too. Gives me all sorts of good vibes! Ok, confession. I didn't make it to the gym yesterday. I was exhausted, and sleep just sounded better. I flaked on planks as well, but I did do my lunges and squats. So it wasn't a complete waste!! Plus, I danced around my shop for a little while, so that has to count as some sort of cardio!

I am rediscovering my love for my iPod. I never use it outside of the gym, lately. But for some reason, I just want to listen to it all the time. I really do underestimate the power of music, sometimes. It's amazing. 

I ate a date for the first time tonight. It was meh. (I've had them in stuff before, like Larabars, but never alone.) It was like a super sweet raisin..I'll be using them in baking and stuff, but not alone. I'm just not a dried fruit fan... I can go for raisins (alone, only. I hate them in anything. Cookie, granola, anything) rarely, but I just don't care for dried fruit. For some reason it seems too sweet. I know. That sounds like insanity coming from my sugar addicted self. But, it's true, no matter how backwards it is. Haha.

Is anyone else disturbed by Lady Gaga's new video? Maybe I'm just becoming an old lady, but her video for 'Born This Way' and 'Alejandro' were both disturbing and made me uncomfortable. I love the songs, but the videos were just too much IMO. She is in amazing shape, though. Holy cow! I also heard Kim Kardashian's new song. And hated it. I didn't even finish it.

Well. Like I said. I don't have much to say right now. Sorry it's so spastic... Haha. Have a great day y'all!!


  1. I actually did not used to like dates either, but once I cut one open and stuffed it with peanut butter, I decided that I loved them :) Its amazing what peanut butter can do!!

  2. I am so looking forward to this video of you and your bestie singing! I know it'll be great.

    I haven't seen the new Lady Gaga video, but now I'm curious so I'm going to check it out.

  3. Am scared of Lady Gaga. I literally had a nightmare from the Bad Romance video!

  4. Mmm, I love good tea! I do not, however, care for dates. Unless they are rolled in powdered sugar. I knew someone that served them that way and they were pretty tasty.

  5. I totally just LIKED you facebook. :) Have a good day!

  6. I liked you on Facebook!! I'm not a tea person, but I'll be drinking lots of it tonight because of my sore throat :) Kim Kardashian's song is so so bad. Ugh, how could she even think that it would be good??

  7. Gotta check out this new song:
    its AWESOME britney still has got it!

  8. ummm Kim Kardash totally ruined my day by that new song! Why would she do that to herself!? AHHH!

  9. I have to agree with Cara! What the hell, Kim Kardashian?! I felt embarrassed for her when I heard that song. Yikes!!

  10. I totally know what you mean about dates! But I have had different varieties---and some are better than others. One of my fave things to do with them is take out the pit and stuff an almond or pecan in the middle. It's like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich....well, sort of! But the nut cuts the sweetness a little. I've also had an appetizer with some kind of cream cheese mixture in the middle...not much of a fan of that.
    Music is definitely powerful!

  11. that tea sounds yummy I have never heard of the brand before though

  12. oooh I have never seen this tea before! Bring some of that deliciousness to NC with you! =) hehe!

    whoooo 14!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons