Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beat Those Legs into Submission!

Hey y'all. Notice anything different? Yeah, me neither.

First off, I just want to say I am positively green with envy for those who got to participate in the Disney Princess weekend, whether you ran the 5K, or the half-marathon. No seriously. I'm so jealous I could scream.

Ahem. On to other things. I kicked my trash tonight. Seriously, I don't know if I'll be able to walk tomorrow. I took my goals for March pretty seriously tonight at the gym. First off I decided that since my legs want to keep crapping out on me, I just need to make them stronger. So I worked legs tonight. This was my routine.

+25 lunges each leg
+Seated leg curl - 75 lbs 10 reps x 3
+Seated calf press - 180 lbs 10 reps x 3
+Leg extension - 55 lbs 10 reps x 3
+Hip adduction - 70 lbs 10 reps x 3 (I hate this machine, because it makes me really uncomfortable to do the exercise in a crowded gym. It looks inappropriate...)
+Hip abduction - 85 lbs 10 reps x 3
+Seated leg press - 90 lbs 10 reps x 3
+25 squats

+2:00 front plank
+1:30 each side plank

45 minutes on the elliptical

Whew. It was intense. Haha. As far as my food goes, I took pictures, but they're really ugly, and I'm being super lazy and don't want to upload them, so I'll just tell you.

+Peanut butter
+Toasted pumpernickle bread with peanut butter and banana
+Green beans
+Baked Salmon
+Baby carrots
+Package of peanut M&Ms (my movie snack)
+2 Diet Sprites

I still have the last meal (breakfast since I'm back on nights) to go, so that's not it. I think I did pretty good except for the M&Ms, but I needed a snack for the movie, and pickings are slim around here... Haha.

I wore the Nike Tempo shorts again, and I love them on the elliptical. I think for running though, I will stick with tights and capris. It must be the way I run, since those shorts just won't stop riding up my inner thighs. They are super comfy, though! You should have seen how sweaty I was when I finished my workout. It felt great. I'm in such a good mood now. :) 

BTW, completely random and off topic, but anyone else notice how in my castle picture up top, there is nobody else around? Ummm, that is so weird and almost impossible at the castle at DisneyWorld.... Hmmmmm. Not complaining, though. I think it makes the photo better. :) 

Have a great day, y'all!


  1. ooh this reminds me that I have to wear shorts to spinning tomorrow... i got overheated on monday! eep!

    you little rockstar! cant wait to be workout buddies!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. I love how you are all alone in the magic kingdom, like you're the princess of the castle :)

  3. I love the header!!! How did you do it? Please let me know!! I really want to make mine better!

    Great job on that workout! You did a ton, and I'm sure you're going to feel great tomorrow (maybe sore, but still amazing!). And I love that you have the DW picture in the middle!

  4. Love love love the header! and yeah I agree with Sophia, how did you do it?! Fill a girl in :) That pic in front of the castle is magical! (hehe)

  5. COOL NEW BANNER!!! I love the pictures you chose! The one of you and your man is adorable! Love it! :)

  6. I really like the new header! Very cute! :-)

  7. I have the same iPod as you! Isn't it so great for running?

  8. Love the new look!! And what a great workout!! Im totally sick right now, so no workout for me the past 2 days, which is driving me crazy!! I want to get in a good weight session, but my body is SO dead right now :(

  9. I love your blog Katy. I was so inspired after reading your about me section. I cannot wait to read more about your life in marine and above all your upcoming marriage.

  10. Woah, that is weird that there is no one else in your DIsney picture. Usually they are packed full of people.

    Love the new banner!

  11. That really is amazing with your Disney pic. It's just 'cause you love Disney so much that you deserve a picture all by yourself! :D

    I just realized I haven't said how much I love this layout! It looks great, Katy!

  12. that is so random that nobody else is in your disney picture!!
    nice work on getting to those march goals asap :)
    i think your blog titles should be the number of how many days you have left out there each day!