Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 - Three Tangent Tuesday!

Hey loves! It's my favorite day, I love, love, love TTT! I originally stole this idea from my girl Janae, having no clue how much I would look forward to it each week. Just one more way for me to share how ridiculously lame I am, and how I take total pride in every moment of lame-ness! :)

So, here goes!

Three Tangent Tuesday!

+ I am scared of spin.  Yup. I have never taken a spin class, and I am so intimitated by it! It looks and sounds so hard! My girl (and future neighbor!) Jenn is always raving about spin and how she is going to drag me to the classes. I guess I'll have to put on my big girl panties and just accept that I will get my butt handed to me. Haha.

+ I don't like Mexican food. I know. Everyone just let it out, I'm weird, a freak, un-American (this one always made me laugh... how are you un-American for not liking Mexican food?!), etc. I've heard it all before, and since I seem to be the only one on the planet who doesn't like Mexican food, I get dragged to a lot of Mexican restaurants. So, instead of ordering lots of food I won't like, I choose to go with a simple quesadilla and drink my calories in 2 (or 12) margaritas. Because I may not like Mexican food, but I sure do like smoothies with Mexican tequila!

60 oz baby!

+ I've known my friend Amber since birth. We call each other cousins (though there is no blood relation), and  love her dearly. Basically every childhood memory I have is with Amber, we might as well have been sisters. My mother was married to her uncle, but they were divorced before either one of us was born. My mother remained very close with his family, especially his mother (whom she still considers her surrogate mother) therefor, a wonderful friendship was born.

I'm the blonde in these...

Don't you LOVE early 90's apparel?

Me, Amber, her sister Cassie. I love them so much.

Well, there you go. This week's edition of TTT! I know it's a little late, but I'm back on night shift, so I spent all day getting some ZZZzzz's. Have a great day... or night! :)


  1. Funny, I am drinking a frozen margarita I just made for myself right now! I am right there with you being a margarita lush.

  2. Umm, you aren't the only one afraid of spin. I tried 30 minutes of a class once and it made my lower half throb! I just can't deal with the bike seats.

  3. I was so intimidated by spin too, but I tried it in January, and now I'm so in love with it! Go with your friend & try it out. It's so fun & addicting, especially if the instructor is upbeat and has good music.

  4. I just can't get over how huge that margarita is.... AMAZING! :)

  5. Hmm I am with you on not liking spinning but Mexican is my fave :) All those pics are super cute!

  6. Great TTT!

    So----when you do spinning, just pace the class to what you want. They'll tell you how hard to work, and you just turn down your resistance when you need it to lighten up a bit!
    The only part that is not nice....is the seat!

  7. Mexican food is WAY to heavy sometimes for me! I'd rather stick with some mac and cheese or italian food any day!

  8. That's so amazing that you've known each other since being babies!! I've never tried spinning either! The whole thing intimidates the heck out of me! I'm all about quesadillas and margaritas at Mexican restaurants too! :)

  9. I have a friend that i've known since we were babies too :) I love that i can say i've been friends with her for 26 years!
    Spin is AWESOME when you find the right teacher - a lot of people are intimidated but once you get there you figure out you control your pace, intensity and resistance so it's not all that bad!
    i love mexican but not tequila...had a bad experience with it once and dont think ill ever be able to drink it again

  10. I love spin class! I was so afraid to try it but once the class was over I was addicted! It definitely will have you sweating and feeling good afterward! I usually go about 3 times a week with one day saved for running and one day saved for kickboxing!

    I am in love with Mexican food! Probably because I love cheese, beans and rice. But I usually only eat it on special occasions unless I make it!

  11. I was so scared of spin too--but then I took a class and realized how fun it is! Just take a beginner-friendly class for the first time! :)

  12. mm margarita (or virgin ones for me!) are the best!! i love mexican food personally, but nothing could stop me from a tropical yummy smoothie!

  13. Spin totally freaked me out but once I tried it, I realized how NOT scary it is. It's such an awesome workout!

  14. Cute pictures of your friends! :)