Monday, February 28, 2011

March Madness!

No, this post isn't about basketball. I'm not really a basketball fan, though I will pretend because I know two sisters who love basketball. :)

I am talking about the madness that will be my life this March. I have four, yes, FOUR people with birthdays this month, one of whom is my hetero life mate Ellie, mother of my god-child (or since I like to think of my god-baby as Baby Mama). Oh yeah, El. Be prepared for a sappy, embarrassing picture filled post come March 4th. Nothing you can do about it. Muah-ha-ha.

Also, March will mark the end of my prison sentence deployment here in Africa, and my re-entering the good ole U S of A. Be still my beating heart. I'm sorry guys, but you probably will hear so much about it, it's an emotional time for me. And I swear it's like I'm pregnant, and can't make up my mind how I feel. I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm excited, I'm angry, I'm just a big bundle of hormones. Shane is in for a fun ride when I actually do, in fact, decide to create a miniature Katy one day.

Basically, I look like this right now, except my hair is not looking this good at the moment...

Before you ask, Yes. I do realize I'm clinically insane. I love every moment.

So, basically I have a million bajillion things to do before I leave, mostly packing up this room and shipping stuff home (or tossing it, because it's just cheaper...). So, of course I have spent my last 8 days off being a completely responsible adult and laying in bed watching Scrubs 85% of the time. 

Oh yeah. That's how I roll. Or how I, in fact, don't roll but just lay there.... 

Anyways. I've gotten way off topic here. Basically I have re-evaluated my current way of living, and created some March goals. Here they are, and they are as spastic and unorganized as their creator. Hello, my name is Katy, and I have no clue what's going on 90% of the time.

Katy's March Madness Goals

+Get back on track with eating. No I'm not saying I don't eat. Quite the opposite, actually. I'm pretty much like a billy goat and have been gnawing down on everything in sight. Psssssh. Wrong answer, girlfriend. You may have been doing awesome at staying away from fried foods (Seriously this Southern Girl is crying inside) but that does mean that eating cheesecake everyday is ok. You are still trying to lose weight, dollface. (Yes, I've already been over the fact that I talk to myself. Only child for 17 years...) So, I'm going to be back to blogging what I eat, just to keep myself in check. :) 
+The gym and I are about to become BFF. Yeah, I've been running more. And have used that to justify in my head that this means I no longer have to do any weight training. Pssssh. Again, wrong answer. So, since I have no clue what is up with my legs, and running seems to be put on hold, that elliptical and I are about to get to know each other very well. Yeah, it's gonna suck, but get over it. And the weights and I are gonna become friends again. Plus, I want to up my cardio to 45 minutes if I'm not running. And I'm beginning my lunges/squats/planks again. Just because I'm starting to develop some sort of butt. And that's a big deal to me! :)
+Finish Scrubs before I leave Africa. Yeah, that's a lofty goal, there. I have 2 Seasons left, and only 17 days in which to watch them. I will accept this challenge, and succeed. Lofty goals, guys. I know. I'm a hard charger, what can I say.
+Run 5 miles. This, is of course if my leg feels better. If not, this goal is going to have to wait for another month. I'm sick of whining about injuries, so I figure the easiest way to do that, is to stop. getting. hurt. So that's the plan. :) 

That's what I've got. I think it's easy enough to stick to, and I plan on you guys holding me accountable. So if I try to pass off eating three slices of cheesecake as healthy because it's cherry cheesecake, and cherries are a super healthy fruit, call my bluff, please. Thanks. You're the best. 

I hope you all have the best March you can. Stay tuned for March's Playlists. I know I slacked on February's. My bad y'all. My bad. Off to work on Goal number 3.



  1. better add my bday to the list =) ahaha parrrtay! <3

    these are great goals! March is going to roooock!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. This was a awesome funny post :) March sounds as crazy for you as it is going to be for me!
    Have fun girlie!

  3. Woohoo, good luck on your March goals! If you can, you should watch Scrubs while working out - two for one goal! Focusing on these goals will keep you entertained until you go home because I bet you're SO excited.

  4. Those are great goals!! I am trying to incorporate tons of veggies into my meals and get lots of sleep...hmm maybe I should come up with a March goal post too :)

  5. Good luck with your list! I've also been neglecting weight training for way too long. Maybe I can jump on the bandwagon with you.

    Also glad to know that I'm not the only one with a hetero life partner!

  6. Thanks for the bball shoutout haha!! If you can seriously finish Scrubs that is a huge accomplishment!! And no worries, I talk to myself too :) Can't wait to see your playlist. I need some new tunes!

  7. I can't wait to see some of your food photos! I have half a box of Cheesecake Factory's pumpkin cheesecake in my fridge. Chris' dad gave it to us. Doesn't he read my blog geeesshhh!!

    :) yay from coming back to the US!

  8. Sounds like some great goals!! I know you can do it girl! Especially the Scrubs one...park your booty on that couch with some snacks and get to work! ;)

  9. I'm predicting a good march for you-and obviously a busy one!

  10. Great Goals for March you can do that 5 mile girls! Think of me giving you a pat on the back when your running I know it will motivate you to run to your blog and tell me the amazing news of how you did it! Make sure you ice and stretch to prevent injury and do a quick 10 min stretch in morning before you do anything! It wakes me up!

  11. I like your goals for march. I need to make some new re-focused ones too. It's crazy how easy it is to get off track!

  12. AHEM! Sophia and Angie aren't the only basketball lovers out there! I'm so offended!


    Okay not really. I mean, I do love basketball, but I'm not even remotely offended so you're off the hook. ;)

    Just reading about your emotional response to the end of deployment really touched me. You talk about it all you want. This is your blog and you get to say whatever you wanna say! Plus, this is what you're going through right now and what kind of friends would we be if we didn't help you work through your feelings?! Love ya, Katy-Girl.

    I'm not sure why I just called you "Katy-Girl". I hope that isn't a nickname you hate or anything.

    Haha! I'm from a huge family and I still talk to myself all the time. In counseling it's called "self talk" (yes, that's the kind of information I went into grad school debt for, haha!) and it's considered totally normal and healthy. ;)

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