Thursday, February 10, 2011

Greasy Hair, Don't Care

So February has been my total slacking month, apparently. 

Way to not go, Katy-girl. (Yes. I talk to myself. And have a nickname for myself. Being an only child for 17 years does weird things to you....)

I feel so bored. Not with you guys, I love you guys like long-lost BFFs. I think I'm just bored with Africa. Six months of the same exact thing, will do that to you. It's not that it sucks out here (I mean, it does. Just not in the same way Afghanistan does. Bombs and stuff. Not cool.) it's just so frustrating. And I only have like 5 weeks left, which to most people would be awesome. But it feels just out of reach, haha. 

Anyways. Enough moping about stuff I can't control. Whatevs. I'm here. I'm almost done. Get over it. 

So yesterday was super busy. And by that, I mean I. SLEPT. ALL. DAY.  And then went out and enjoyed sushi wonderfulness with a few friends (yes. I do socialize occasionally. It is rare, though.) Sushi was delicious. Then came back to base and had a couple beers and shouted over the insanely loud music chatted until midnight. Haha. It was awesome. I never hang with girls, since, well, I don't really hang with anyone outside of work, and that's all dudes. Haha. So it was nice to have some estrogen around for a little while last night. :)

So at the sushi place last night, it was amazing, but super pricey. So, since one of the people we went with knew the owner, we got a deal, the catch was, you got a certain meal, and couldn't choose the sushi. (If you wanted, you could pick and choose which rolls you wanted, but it was ridiculously expensive. Third world country, and we're still getting ripped off for good food.) 

So I ordered the meal, and they forgot about me!!

So the owner brought me a free roll to make up for it. I love free. Especially free sushi. :)

Free tuna roll.

I'm on a boat!

OMG. Please ignore how awful I look. It hurts my eyes..... Haha.

No. I didn't eat all of it. But I gave it my best shot. Haha. 

Today I slept a little less. Not much, though, haha. I did manage to get my hair cut. Now I have less dead ends, and closer to one color. Still have a ways to go. Please excuse my greasy hair. I can't believe I post these pictures. I realized when I took the first picture, my face is broken out like whoa on the right side of my face. I guess I only wash one side.... Weird. SO I took another.  

I only wash my hair with Crisco, sometimes.... Promise.

Anywho. I have been seriously lazy about working out. I mean. I still do it. But it takes a lot of effort to get my booty in workout mode. So I'm going for a run tonight. And some abs, then I will shower. Promise. Tomorrow morning is pt, then work. My goal is after department pt (gag me), to run the trail two lengths, which makes about 4 miles. But I work tomorrow, so I would have to leave my shop to do so. 

So I need to find motivation. Haha. Wish me luck. Anywho. I'm out. Have a great Thursday! :)



  1. Stay positive, Katy-girl :) Five weeks will fly by. Do you have a good book to read? Girls night are so much fun!! Glad you had a great time! And you do not look awful in that pic! You look very natural, and that's the best look out there. Good luck on the run!! You can do it!

  2. It'll be over before you know it!!! Girls nights are def a must-I pass up on them way to look gorg-keep your head up:)

  3. I'm guilty of usually only hanging out with guys! I miss being on a navy base! The Navy boys were my bestest of best friends! (though they are moving about 4-6 hours away - hello roadtrip!) The marine guys are, well, marines (haha like our husbands!) and the wives/girlfriends are nice but I feel like a total outcast sometimes!

    Go you for having girls night - the sushi looks glorious! Zits don't exist on freckled faces btw- its a fact - check the books! bahaha! every time I complain of one I get yelled at b/c noone can ever see them amongst all my spots! <3

    I'm totally rambling -- keep your chin up gorgeous! tty soon! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Oh girl, you got this! A girls night was perfect and sushi is always good (even when it's expensive, haha)! Just think of all the fun stories you can tell your kids someday about when you lived in Africa. ;)

  5. OH my God that bowl of SUSHI looks great!!!!! Hope all is well my dear! tell us some stories about you and your man from the past! :)

  6. Girl you are so close!! Stay positive, I know it doesn't seem like it but the five weeks will be over in no time. Sounds like so much fun! I love sushi :) I have been lazy about working out lately too...I kinda like it though :)

  7. Five weeks will go by so fast and you'll be home before you know it! :) Sushi looks delicious. Free sushi is the best!!