Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random Ramblings!

Hey y'all! Go check out my giveaway, if you haven't already! It's my first one, and I'm really excited about it!

Today I woke up and was totally ancy feeling, so I decided to go for a run. Probably wasn't the best idea since I am having calf soreness issues, and my 5K is tomorrow... but I did it anyways. 

It was not my best run ever... Haha. I made it a little over a mile at a (usually) comfortable 6.5 mph pace, and my legs just weren't feeling it. So I slowed down to 4.0 mph and increased the incline to 4.0%. Not too much, but enough to keep me in a good sweat the whole time. I varied speed/incline some more, but not much.

I was so disappointed at first, then I thought about it, (and how sore I've been getting lately) and decided to give myself a break. I'm so hard on myself sometimes, and I need to stop. Do I need to motivate myself? Sure. But if I ride myself emotionally all the time, I'm going to stop liking exercise. And then where will I be? Did I have a rough day? Yes. Is that ok? Yes. 

Because tomorrow is another day. And while I may have only walked at a brisk pace today, I DID SOMETHING. I worked up a sweat, and I should learn to just accept that some days... that's gonna be all I get out of myself. 

Another thing I've realized is, my leg is starting hurt again. CRAP. So I'm going to run my 5K tomorrow (though it might not be at the desired pace...) and then I'm going to take a few days off running and cross train. As much as that sounds like torture... I've got a bunch of Glee! to catch up on, and if it's what my body needs, I need to listen to it. 

I also noticed that my leg started hurting again right around the time I ran out of my Glucosamine. It might all be a coincidence... but I don't care if the supplement is only a placebo effect... I bought some more! Haha. Plus it has Vitamin D in it... :) I also took a cue from my favorite Hungry Runner Girl, and drank some chocolate milk. It was DELICIOUS. Yum.

I also got the February edition of Shape magazine. Love this magazine. Marisa Miller was on the cover.  I. LOVE. MARISSA. MILLER. She has been my idea of "perfect" since I saw her on an episode of America's Next Top Model. She has curves, but is super small at the same time. I love her. 

However. I understand I will never have her body. Haha. Because even if I was able to get those abs, I just don't have the curves. And without surgery... I never will. I accept this. My body is mine, and I want it in the best shape it can be in, but I'm slowly learning to judge my body by Katy standards. Not others. Because at the end of the day, that's who I am. And I can change alot of things. But not my genetics.

For example. I will never have my friend's butt. But she will never have my long legs. And that's ok. Because we're both beautiful.  And all we can ask of our bodies is to be the best they can be. Not be someone else's. Thanks to the blog world, I'm finally accepting this. This is why I love you guys. You all promote such a healthy way of looking at yourself, and it makes me look at myself in a more healthy way. :)

I love each one of you! 


  1. Great post Katy! I'm so excited for your giveaway too... Marisa Miller is beautiful and everyone always says that my sister looks like her. Awesome for me right? haha not so much ;)

  2. awesome post!! i totally agree- you should NOT be so hard on yourself at all!! and we are ALL different people with different bodies and personalities and we should love our selves and accent each other! right on!!

  3. It's so important to remember that we cannot compare ourselves to other women. we are each different but still beautiful and we need to learn to love and embrace our lives! This post made me smile and put me in a mood where I'm going to try to make 3 people smile today :)

  4. It took me a long time to stop comparing myself to everyone around me. I worked in a health club for years and found it challenging. Once you can accept that there are so many things that make you unique, life gets a lot better!! PS. I love Marissa Miller too!!!

  5. I totally agree about not being hard on yourself, Ive been having that mindset lately too...its so much healthier :) GOOD LUCK on your 5k tomorrow!! Hope your leg is ok. xoxo

  6. Good luck on that 5K tomorrow! Hope your leg feels better!! Marisa Miller is gorgeous! I love the fact that she was an athlete in high school. I totally agree about not getting down on yourself. Tomorrow is a new day! :)

  7. Way to embrace your body! You're right, we're all different. But we're all beautiful woman! :)

  8. I think you're right about not being hard on yourself---if you are nice and accepting and listen to your body's messages, you'll probably be more successful in the long run!

    I also love your view on your body---you're so right. We're all different, and we all have our great attributes and our less than ideal...but who judges "ideal" anyway?!

  9. I have this magazine too- Marissa Miller is drop dead gorg! I too, however, have realized that there's literally no way I can grow 10 inches and turn into a lanky glamazon. And that's ok :-)

  10. Aww, I love this! You are SO right! And you are beautiful. :)