Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Should Be a Salesman....Or Not!

Hey y'all! I know I said I would be running my four miles this week, but I lied. I have two reason not to. 

1) My calves are really sore, and I have to run tomorrow morning for pt, and Sunday is my next 5K, and I'm going to try to get under 28 minutes!
2) We are at minimal manning at work this week, and I feel really bad leaving, and honestly, right now I am too tired after our twelve hour shifts.

So, I'm not allowing myself to feel guilty. I'm kind of going through a stressful time, and I'm just ready to be back in America (to engage in a MORE stressful environment of becoming unemployed, planning a wedding, moving, etc!) and move on with my life. But I'm not going to let my blog become a place of depressed ramblings. :)

I do have something totally fun to share with y'all. I promise I'm not peddling anything! But I know a lot of you use Groupon, and I found another site that is really neat. It's Swagbucks, and you can use the link on the right side of my blog to check it out.

Basically, the premise is you earn "virtual money" by perusing their site. And when you redeem enough, you trade it in for "real" money, or items. Kind of like airline miles, but for the internet. Some of the stuff is kind of silly, but I found an AMAZING deal on there.

You can get a $50 giftcard to for $20. So you have already saved $30. But. You also earn $450 SB (Swagbucks). You can redeem a $25 dollar giftcard to for $400 SB. So essentially, for $20 real money, you have got $75 dollars in giftcards. This is especially useful to me, since the venue I am getting married at is one of the restaurants affiliated with So, assuming I can use the credit towards the wedding, that will help so much, since it is not a cheap venue at all. If not, then we will try to put it torwards the reception dinner, or use them in Orlando when we go to Disney. Eating off of gift-cards in Orlando helps save a BUNCH of money.

There are other ways of earning SB, even playing games. It's a neat site, and I think you should check it out. :) I just love saving money, and I'm about to be unemployed, so..... You do the math! Haha.

Ok, I'll stop trying to sell you stuff now. Haha. I just like sharing deals! :) I hope everyone has a stellar day! Tomorrow I'll be back to running, so I'll try to take more "sweaty, red-faced" photos for you all! I know how much you guys love it!! :)


  1. Well, first---it sounds like your life is about to get really exciting! I wouldn't look at it as stressful or scary....but more like a great new adventure where you get to make whatever happen that you want!
    Never heard of swagbucks...but I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for telling me about swagbucks will check it out! :) good luck on the run! Keep strong!

  3. hahah wow thats so great :) i haven't heard of swagbucks either but i def would love learn more about it! xoxo keep workin hard girl!

  4. Cool, sounds like a really interesting site, and I'm obsessed with Groupon haha! Good luck on the 5k!!

  5. Swagbucks? whaaaat? now i'm exciting-thanks for the info!!!!!
    Keep workin at the running, it's good you knew you needed a break!

  6. I keep hearing about how awesome swagbucks are but I always forget to go check out the site! I need to. bad. but i'm oh. so. lazy =)

    Keep up the good work future neighbor! im so excited to have a spinning/running buddy when you finally move here! yup I totally just roped you into my workouts. haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. ps: go here
    if you want to get rid of the word verification on your blog <3

  8. No guilt!! Listening to your body will be best in the long run. Swag bucks sounds like a great deal!! Even though it has nothing to do with me, I am sooo excited for you to get back to the states! :)

  9. I am going right now to check those deals out, thank you so much!!
    YAY for no guilt, you are amazing. I am sorry things are so busy and your calves are sore:( YOU are going to rock your 5k and I KNOW you will get under 28...can't wait for the recap!

  10. score! thanks girl! my fingers are now less strained having to type out BS-ery! haha

    omg I still havent tried that paint pen project! I totally forgot about it! Obviously I need to whip out my paint brush again! we should each make one and post them! <3


  11. I've heard about swagbucks, but never really checked it out before. Thanks for the tip!

  12. oh no, I'm addicted to groupon--don't tease me with other amazing money saving websites! I'm such a sucker...