Friday, February 11, 2011


First off, let me say thank you to all the comments made on the Maui post! You guy are so awesome it blows my mind. 

For example. Sophia from Raven Waves sent me the sweetest package, and it arrived today. It was full of healthy snack goodies, and some other fun products. She is an angel, and I am so grateful! 

I also received two other packages in the mail, one from my guy best friend Patrick who sent me a Timmy Tebow Denver Broncos jersey. If you remember from my Three Tangent Tuesday post, I am obsessed with Tebow. I am so excited for this! :) I now have a Tebow Gators jersey (though it doesn't have his name since he was in college) and a Tebow Broncos jersey. I'm so happy. 

My girl Melanie who is currently stationed in Japan also sent me some Japanese goodies. Not so healthy, but worth every bite. Yum. She also sent me a cute top, some oragami paper, and a gorgeous mirror with a Japanese scene on the cover. She is the same gorgeous girl who sent me  the Valentine's Day package a few weeks ago. I'm seriously getting spoiled here. Here's a group photo of all my stuffs!

Now. On to the important news I have.

Yesterday I said I was going for a run, and boy did I. I ran outside, in Africa heat, with the sun beating down on me. I only ran 2.25 miles, but here's what made me so excited. I ran, at my natural pace, the first mile in 8:40, and the second mile in 9:13. Without a treadmill making me. In those conditions! 

I mean, don't get me wrong, I felt like I was going to die that last 1/4 mile, but I did it. I used to struggle with a 10:00 minute pace, and I now I ran 2 miles at roughly the pace I want to finish my half-marathon in! (Now I just have to sustain it for 11.1 more miles...) I have improved so much. It's proving to me that speed work and intervals do work. 

I even chick'd a guy. Oh yeah. One of the Japanese guys here on base. I just ran right past him. I felt so awesome. (Now, to be completely honest... these Japanese guys are no joke at running. They are fast, so this guy was probably on like mile 15 or something. But I will pretend he wasn't, and feel better about myself.) 

Afterwards I sat down on the soccer field in the shade to stretch. I sat there for like five minutes just enjoying the breeze and the immense runner's high I was feeling. I think it was the best I've felt since coming to Africa. 

So awesome.

Tomorrow is back to intervals, and I have to say, for once I am actually looking forward to almost making myself puke. Yesterday totally filled me with the motivation I've been lacking lately. :)

Me, post run, all red-faced and happy.


  1. awww! what a great post girl! love all the stuff you got from JAPAN! how awesome and lucky you are pretty lady! xoxo

  2. Congrats!!! Your mile time is amazing. You're going to kick butt at the Disney Half Marathon! I'm so glad you liked everything :) The Tebow jersey is pretty awesome too! Have fun with intervals today!

  3. Love this post! Have a great weekend!

  4. You go girl! You are kickin' butt!

  5. I love your headband! Your running pace is great, doesn't it feel awesome to improve?!

  6. I honestly love your posts! I'm so proud of you for running like that girl! It must have been so hard in the Africa Heat! I hope you enjoyed sophia's gift! if you don't already know or have put it together sophia and I are sisters! We talk about how much we love your blog all the time!

  7. you are killin it!!!!!! And in Africa heat, ughhhh I remember when I was in egypt and thought I was going to die in that heat!!!!

  8. Your run sounds awesome! What an awesome runner's high you must have had from that :)

  9. Wow what a great run!! I am dying to run outside... Winter needs to leave! That is so great you got so many packages in the mail. I bet other people were jealous ;)
    Just red your Maui post... You and Shane are adorable! Beautiful pics. Happy Valentines Day to you!

  10. Ahhhhhhhhh after-run feeling... PRICELESS! <3