Thursday, February 10, 2011

Romantic Maui Vacation

The lovely Angie is always asking for posts about Shane and I, so I figured I'd oblige. This isn't how we met, that will be a story to come later. This is about the romantic birthday long weekend he swept me off to Maui for.

My boy is amazing. Hands down.

We had been dating a few weeks, and my girlfriend Ally was dating one of Shane's really good friends at the time. They had decided to take a weekend getaway to Maui (we were all stationed on Oahu at this time.) and it just so happened to be my birthday that weekend. :)

So Shane asked if I wanted to go, and we asked if they minded. Ally was super excited, and I got approval from my teacher (I was in a special school for my job at the time.) and Shane made all the plans. What an amazing boy. We hadn't even been together a MONTH!

I was super excited since I hadn't been to any of the other islands yet, (and still haven't...haha.) plus the relationship was still so new and exciting! I felt like I had won the boy lottery (and I still do!), especially after recently ending a very stressful relationship.

Here are some pictures from the trip. :)

One of my favorite pictures of us.

Shane and I at the beach.
Kissy water picture. What a wonderful day.
Goofing off before dinner.

I love this picture....

He's my other half.
My girlfriend Ally-pants. Love her.
Shane and his friend Michael. They are soooo funny.

Me and my girl.

We love each other!

Me at one of the stop on the Road to Hana.

Shane and I at the red sand beach. It was so neat.
This was my favorite weight ever. I think I was a great size for my height, though I needed more toning. My goal is to get back there. :) Preferably in time for my honeymoon! :)

Now. Here's an interesting story about our trip.

There is a long mountain road on Maui called "The Road to Hana". It's beautiful, and has a few black and red sand beaches. It's super curvy, and is about a 7 hour round trip drive.

My girlfriend Ally and Shane's friend broke up right before this trip. Seven hours in one car with a couple who just broke up. (Ally also spent the last evening in our hotel room. Haha.) It was super awkward, and Shane still talks smack to Ally about "ruining" our romantic vacation. (He's joking.) I didn't think it was ruined, though. That trip was so amazing, and it was such a wonderful time spent with the man who would become the love of my life, that I don't think anything could have ruined it. Shane does say he won't go on any more trips with Ally... Haha. (Ally is now happily engaged to another one of Shane's friends (he has a lot of single friends...I'm just saying... haha.), and they are expecting a beautiful baby boy in April!)

We had so much fun, and I can't wait to go on many more trips. So far we've been to Maui, and taken a cross-country road trip together (Los Angeles to Jacksonville, FL), and went to Orlando (where he proposed - which will be another story for another day!). We should be making one more trip to Disney this summer, before our HONEYMOON! in October.

Needless to say, the boy rocked my birthday hardcore. :)


  1. Maui sounds amazing!!! All your pics are so cute, especially the kissie one by the water. It sounds like such a fun trip. I definitely want to visit Hawaii one day.

    I'm so glad you got the package. I was getting a little nervous that it might have gotten lost. Now you can try a lot of the healthy foods that everyone else seems to talk about. :)

  2. We were going to go to Maui on our honeymoon! But we're opting for Bora Bora with an intention of going to Maui for our 1 yr! Looks like an amazing time-you two look great!

  3. omg i LOVE Maui! thats so great :) You've got such a great blog girl! You should check out my coach giveaway i'm doing and become a follower as well!

  4. Oh my goodness, this looks SO fabulous! I wanna gooo!

    You two are so precious together! I'm with Angie - I want more posts like this! :)

  5. You guys are tooo cute together! How awesome :D I've heard that the Road to Hana is bad with a group of people that you're even crazy over. But with a break up couple in the car too?! Wow-ee!
    Great post!

  6. Omg I love all the pics! So cute! How sad though that the other couple broke up right before the trip :(

  7. OH MY GOD I'm begging for this Orlando Proposal story now!!! Don't tell me he did it in the magic kingdown?! I love Disney so much and want to go there with Pete one day!

  8. OH MY GOD I'm begging for this Orlando Proposal story now!!! Don't tell me he did it in the magic kingdom?! I love Disney so much and want to go there with Pete one day!

  9. Ahhhhahahahahahaa How I SO hate you for bringing that god AWFUL trip up. Although reading it I have been sitting at work laughing my ass off remembering the sushi that I later found I was allergic to and my liter bottle of wine. I still tell Joe to this day I wont go back to Maui even with him and our children.

    Oh and just so everyone knows, it wasnt a serious breakup, he was a rebound--I was depressed from my 2 yr long relationship (which was also a joke)...Just dont ever go on a four day weekend trip with a rebound. Best advice ever. We did look super hot this trip though! I want that body back after pregnancy!