Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three Tangent Tuesday

So, according to today's workout on my schedule (I'll post pictures tomorrow), I was supposed to do the elliptical and work my back on the weight machine.

Except the more I thought about 30 minutes on the elliptical, the more depressed I got. All I wanted to do tonight was run. No lie. And since I was having a sorta bad day (made way better by getting to talk to my Loverface on the phone) and I was coming off a twelve hour shift, I said What the heck. So I ran. And even though my hunk o' burning calves took me out at mile two, I still felt a thousand times better. 

Will I regret this decision tomorrow when I have speed work scheduled? Probably. Do I care now? Nope. :)

I felt awesome. I also found a new fun way of reading while running. Usually all the bouncing makes it super difficult. But I brought out my trusty Kindle (this thing is my favorite ever.) and just increased the text size. So I felt like an 80 year old woman, but it kept me entertained! Woot! :)

Now, following once again, in the wonderful and inspiring Janae's footsteps, we have another edition of Three Tangent Tuesday. Here goes!

+ Shane beats me in his sleep. Ok. That's mostly a lie. He more wrestles alligators flounces around and whatnot, but there have been a few times when he has lashed out and struck me awake. Usually it's a smack in the back or something, though once he did elbow me in the eye. I thought for sure I would have a black eye, and get asked all kinds of questions at work. (I didn't. I am SUCH an over-reactor..) So I did what any sane person would do. I elbowed him in the ribs, waking him up, and proceeded to glare at him and guilt trip him for twenty minutes. I thought this was an effective revenge strategy, though I think he's usually so confused as to why I woke him up it doesn't work as well as I hoped. He also told me tonight he can't see the glare in the dark. (Yes, I told him I was outing his abusive nature on my blog. I think he is getting way too used to my crazy antics, as he just shrugged it off.) Needless to say that took the wind right out of my sails. Hmph....

+ I never sucked my thumb as kid. I always sucked on my bottom lip. I say that like it's past tense. It's totally not. I still do it all the time. I try to make myself quit, but most of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it. I have no idea why I started, but it's the truth. I also never took to a pacifier. Ever. Totally weird. 

+ I am 3/4 in love with Timmy Tebow. Shane knows and accepts this, though I don't think he likes it.... Haha. But Shane comes first. As long as he doesn't step in front of the tv when a Florida game is on. He learned that lesson. Anyways. I think TT is not only an amazing quarterback that did wonderful things for my team (Go Gators!), but an inspiration and wonderful role model. He makes no qualms about his beliefs, and I respect that. Especially in a world where he could take ridiculous advantage of his status. I respect him as player, a human being, and a Christian. I hope he goes far, and does well. He's also from my hometown. 

Anyways. That's my TTT for this week. Y'all have a wonderful day!!! I'm off to bed here in a few minutes! 

P.S. A few of my favorite ladies are having a blog giveaway!!

+Bess at BessBeFit is having a Valentine's Giveaway!
+Janae at HungryRunnerGirl is having a super sweet Swedish Fish gievaway!
+Kristina at Life As Kristina is ALSO having a giveaway! 

GO check them all out. They are super fantastic! Love those girls a whole bunch!


  1. That picture of you two is just so cute!

    I love your random facts! :)

  2. Nice TTT!
    I think you def did the right thing by running---hey, when you get the urge, you should just follow it!
    I've been elbowed in the head at night on occasion too---it is a pretty bad feeling to be jolted awake like that! I like to think it's unintentional, but I do elbow him back :)
    Have a great day!

  3. Aw I love the pic of you two!! If your body wants to run, then I totally agree...just go for it! Haha about Tim Tebow! He does seem like a pretty great guy! :)

  4. No Tim Tebow!!! HaHa!
    I love the pic of you and Shane :)
    If you felt like you should run then you should run... Workouts are supposed to be fun...Not work!

  5. I totally know what you mean about wanting to run. I would rather run than do the elliptical too! :) Hope your day is goin well! can't wait to see the pics your gona post

  6. Cute pic! Was your hair darker then? I say theres no harm in doing a run today...I alwaysss deviate from any training plans I have, I say its better to go with the flow and what you're feelin anyway :) I wish I had a kindle! I tried to read while running yesterday and yeah, wasnt too successfull! haha

  7. I always say that my fiance is a flippin ninja in his sleep! He twitches, which is dangerous! There's been countless times I wake up throwing jabs and screaming, haha!

  8. Katy I don't know if we can be bff anymore....

    I'm a seminole =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

    ps: my hubs said I beat the crap out of him in my sleep. But he talks. so we're even! =)

  9. I love reading everyone's tangent tuesdays! I'm the opposite - I flare around in my sleep, kick, and steal blankets. I'm all sound asleep during this, but apparently, I get angry in my sleep if my boyfriend tries to take some of the blanket back.