Monday, February 7, 2011

Intervals and Shape-Ups

I am in love with intervals.

It's true. Don't worry, Shane, I also hate them, so you still reign supreme in my eyes. I tried this interval workout that I stole borrowed from the ever beautiful Sophia, and it kicked my trash so hard. I literally thought I was going to puke. I still kind of have heartburn....

Anyways, here is the workout:

During the first two sets, I was like Psssh. No big deal. This easy. Then for the third, I was like, holy cow, this is starting to seriously hurt. The last set? All I could think was, Don't throw up, don't throw up, don't throw up.

I was ravenous afterwards, and I'm sorry to say I didn't eat very well. May have had a few too many pieces of candy, and a slice of blueberry cheesecake... Bad Katy. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new start. :)

My girlfriend Ally was super upset by the Kim Kardashian Shape Ups Superbowl ad. She said that it's false advertising, and KK pays a butt ton of money to have her body look like that, and if she fired her pt she would get fat. Haha. I personally think her advertising is now contradicting itself. Are you skinny because of the QuickTrim diet pills you push? Or because of the ShapeUps? Both? Hmmmmm.

Anyways, this girl is ready for some bed. Tomorrow is Three Tangent Tuesday! So stay tuned to learn more about all the ways I'm the biggest nerd you've ever met. :)

How do you feel about KK's Superbowl ad?
I think it's ridiculous, but I've come to expect silly endorsements from the Kardashians. Anyone remember the Kardashian Kard? I still love them, though. Haha.

Would you buy ShapeUps?
There was a time when I would have, but no. Not now. I have to come to realize the best and only way to get in shape is to work hard and eat right. It may not be fast, and it sure isn't easy. But it does work. I hope... Haha.


  1. Ick, don't even want to talk about the KK ad. You know which ad was adorable, though? The one of the little boy dressed as Darth Vader. I LOVED it! If you missed it, you can see it here:

  2. I've been thinking about buying them But i just don't think they really work for whatever reason i just dont think they do... I could be totally wrong though. I agree with you there is not substitute for working out

  3. I wouldn't buy shape ups, I prefer the endorphines from the gym ;) Gah I totally missed the super bowl (for a good reason!) but am feeling so behind on pop culture. Good thing its taped, I need to watch it soon! I am doing an interval treadmill workout today! wooo

  4. So glad you enjoyed the workout. It kicked my butt too!! I totally think Kim’s ad was ridiculous, but then again, so is that whole show. I don’t think I’d buy shape-ups unless I was seriously sure they would work, and if they were really cute. Haha!

  5. Nice interval workout!!! I need to try that... I didnt see the commercial, but it did make me giggle that you said she spends a butt-ton on her looks. Was that pun intended? Hehe :)

  6. KK's ad was O-O-C. And even she can't make those things look good!

  7. All i've been talking about is the doritos add, haha. I'm not a fan of shape-ups at all!!! So much for shoes that offer support and proper alignment!

  8. AWESOME WORKOUT!!! I LOVE it!!! You are hard core. KK is ridiculous, her booty did not come from shape-ups. I would never buy those ha! I feel like it would totally mess up my joints! I am always so dramatic on the last set of intervals ha! Have a great day and I am super excited for TTT!