Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Tangent Tuesday

Workout: light weights workout (back) / 25 lunges / 1:30 front plank / 1:00 side planks / 25 squats / 30 minutes elliptical

So my cousin has come up with this new idea for 2012. Apparently it takes 28 days to make (or break!) a habit, so she wants to break (or make!) a new habit each month, and asked for participants. I said, sure why not. I mean, I've kind of made a new habit out of challenging myself... Lol. So my February "habit" is to add 25 squats to the daily routine. Why do I hate my poor legs so much??? Haha.

Sooo. Janae at HungryRunnerGirl has started this new trend called Three Tangent Tuesdays. Basically I just tell you guys three random things about myself. Please don't stop reading because you find out I'm like the weirdest person ever.... Because I probably am.

Three Tangent Tuesday  (RTtA style)

+ I have never, ever seen The Christmas Story. According to all of my friends, this means I'm not an American. I started watching it Christmas '09 when everyone at my house ganged up on me and sat me down in front of the tv, but I thought it was boring, and stopped paying attention... I guess if you didn't grow up watching it, and there's no nostalgic meaning... it's not world-altering. My family always watched White Christmas. Now there's a classic... :) 

+ I never remember birthdays. Seriously. Thank the heavens for Facebook.... it keeps me out of many a jam with my friends. It's not that I don't care, I do. I am one of those people that thinks birthdays are super duper special, and love to celebrate them. I'm just awful with dates.... I mean, awful! I feel super guilty about it, too. 

+ My best friend Ellie and I are going to open a cupcake/cake bakery. This idea started as a joke one night, and got serious pretty quickly. I don't think anybody actually thinks we're going to go through with it, but we are. I'm super excited about it.

Well, that's my three things for this week. That was kind of fun. :) Have a great day y'all, and wish me luck on my speed run tomorrow!! 

Here are some random pics...

They had GREEN lettuce today, so I totally went salad crazy. :) Plus the red pears are delicious!

I PROMISE once I get back to the states, my pictures will have more variety... Lol.


  1. Love the three tangents! I'm also really bad with birthdays!

  2. My best friend and I are also going to open a cupcake/cake/cookie bakery! We are both teachers so plan on doing it when we get a little older!

  3. I love white Christmas really is one of my favorites! Good luck on starting the bakery I hope you can ship thins over to Chicago! I will be the personal taste tester haha P.S. great workout!

  4. You mean 2011 right? :)

    Your salad looks so good! Facebook is my savior when it comes to bdays as well, haha! Now that I have a phone with internet, i get notifications from facebook on peoples bdays if theyre in my phone book. its great!

  5. I like your 3 tangents! ANd yummmm on that salad!

  6. My family always watched It's A Wonderful Life, and I've only seen Christmas Story once :) I can't wait til you open the bakery!! Such an awesome idea!!

  7. I would love to open a bakery!!! I'm jealous :)

  8. That's so cool! I love cupcakes because of the frosting.

  9. I didn't grow up watching The Christmas Story either so the first time I saw (probably also in '09!) I found it pretty boring too. So I hear ya!