Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Day 5k 2011

Hey y'all!

President's Day 5k Run this evening. I was a huge bundle of nerves beforehand. Mainly because this is likely to be my last chance to get a 28 minute 5k here in Africa (I may have one more depending on when they schedule the St. Patrick's Day run.) and yesterday's run was not very stellar. So I was full of negative thoughts and worry. Lemme recap the whole race. Granted it's only 3.1 miles, but for me, that may as well be a marathon right now!

Blurry race outfit...

My friend Will was kind enough to run next to me, he was only there for the shirt, and had no time goals at all. (He's way faster than me, so if he had he would have left me in the dust like the turtle I am.)
Yes. I just drew this in paint. Don't judge me.....

 Mile one was amazing. I was flying, and loving every second. Unfortunately, I was flying way too quickly, and that was a mistake. Remember when I said I am completely incapable of pacing myself. Yeah. I was not lying. Notice which way the wind is blowing? Mile one was basically against the wind the whole way. While it felt good, I was so ready for the wind to be at my back.

Mile two was not much fun. As soon as we started on the long stretch which is basically mile two, the wind stopped. Yeah, that's right. No wind to my back. It was around this time I started slowing down, not much, but a little. I realized I had started way too quickly, and was going to pay for it. At the turn around point they were giving out water bottles, and since I could taste sand, I knew I needed some. Unfortunately this meant for the second half of the race I was carrying a water bottle. I hate carrying things when I run. h.a.t.e. But I hate water bottles most of all, since the water swishes around and makes me angry. Haha. Also after the turn around the wind started up again. Yes. I swear it was out to get me. Though it did help cool me down. I was sweating like a wildebeest, so that was kind of nice. 

Mile three was torture. I swear I was running at a brisk walk pace. But I was running. I did not stop running the entire time, though I sure felt like it. Poor Will kept having to slow down, and was probably regretting his decision to run with th red-faced girl gasping for air like she was drowning. Haha. And then we right past the 1/4 mile left mark, on the map it says sand storm area. I wasn't kidding. Right then the jets decided to turn on the engines. Instant sand storm blowing directly into our faces. Not awesome. Not awesome at all. Couldn't see, couldn't breathe, I was pissed. So I sped it up SLIGHTLY (didn't have much left at this point....) and finished my race. When I found the clock (no, I was retarded and didn't time myself.) it said 29:12. Son. of. a. Witch.  Which means, I am guestimating I finished at around 29:05. However. Since I started in the middle of the pack, I'm going to say the clock started at the very beginning, and am giving myself a race time of 28:59. Which meets my goal! :) I'm so nice to myself, sometimes. :)

That means I went from a 33 minute 5k (Halloween) to a 28 minute 5k. Boo-yah. I know to some, that is like a crawl. (Like Will). But for me, it is an amazing improvement, and I'm super proud of it! Woohoo!

 Me and my t-shirt!

Yeah. That's dirt. Not freckles. For once...

Then I showered, shaved my hairy legs, and went and got some food. Yum, chocolate milk! :) 

Last night was also fun. A group of friends went out for sushi, you know I love my sushi, and it was awesome. Then we all went back to the "club" on base and told stories of drunken escapades. It was a really enjoyable night. Even lost a game of shuffleboard!

They didn't have room for all of us, so they set up 3 coffee tables, haha.

L to R me, Angela, and Sarah.

Yeah shuffleboard! Sarah and I lost like 25-7. Haha.

Well, guys. This girl is tired and watching some Scrubs and going to bed. Have a great Sunday, everybody!!


  1. Congrats on the amazing time for the 5k !!!! :) SO proud of you!

  2. congrats girl!! that is so so awesome- you should be so proud of yourself!!

  3. Yayyyy you did it! Congrats Katy! <3 I still can't get over the fact that they have sushi in Africa - ah-mazing <3 hehe

    move here already! there is an amaaaazing place in wilmington that I need to drag someone along to! <3

  4. You made a huge improvement on your time!!! Great job, and now it's only going to get better! Plus, there's nothing better than getting a t-shirt after a race :)

  5. Congrats on the 5k time! You rock! I haven't been much of a commentor, but I have followed your blog for a while! It's so fun to see how far you have come :)


  7. Girl congrats!!! If you started in the middle that totally counts as 28 minutes! Yayy way to go! :)

  8. Woohooooo!!!! Congrats on reaching your goal. What an amazing feeling that must have been. Awesome.

    Looks like you had a great time out too.
    Happy Sunday :)

  9. Congrats! You did awesome, that's such an improvement. I have a hard time pacing myself in races just cause I feel so awesome in the first mile that I don't want to slow down.

  10. wow well done!! I struggle just to run 2k!

  11. Great job on your race! That's an amazing improvement!

  12. Thats awesome girl!! 28 minutes is great time :)

  13. awesome race lady! That sounds intense- wind and sand during a 5K? I'm impressed :-)

  14. Woooohoooo!!! Congrats-that's a great time too!!! Can't go wrong with a free t-shirt:)

  15. Awesome!! I haven't ran a 5k in 2 years :( I need to get on it! Awesome job!!! and Yum-O to sushi time!

  16. Looks like you guys had so much fun! :)

  17. YAY!! Awesome job girl!! I still can't believe you are in freaking amazing is that!!??