Friday, February 25, 2011

Running with Nike + and My Giveaway Winner!!

First things first. I love, love, love, love, love my new Nike + iPod system. Totally worth the 20 dollars I spent on it, and I am certainly glad I waited on buying a Garmin. (I still want a Garmin, but at this point in my life with unemployment looming so soon in my future... I figure it's a better idea to hint to my sugar daddy fiance how wonderful of a gift it would be....) This little tool is so well.... neat! Haha.

First off, I do not have Nike running shoes, so I do not have the little place built into my shoes for the sensor. So I improvised...

At first I was worried it would fall out, but so far I've ran 6.5 miles, and we're still good!

Awww. Look at my major love bling from my sweetie. I'll do a proposal post soon, I promise!!! Ahem. Back on topic. Yesterday I ran 4 miles on the running trail, and today I did my interval worrkout on the treadmill, which gets me 2.5 miles. The little tab didn't move in my shoe, at all. I also couldn't feel it, so if you don't have Nike shoes, you should be able to use this, no problem. (No promises, though...I only know what works for me!) 

It was so neat. I plugged it into my Nano and chose the Generic workout, and just started running. Every so often I would just push the button on top of my iPod, and the music would go down, and this lady would tell me my distance, time, and speed. Then my music would crank right back up. It was super fun. Then I got back to my room, and just plugged my iPod into my computer, and it automatically linked my workout to Nike's website and from there you are able to do all kinds of things. I set a goal for myself (70 miles in 4 weeks) and entered a challenge (11 miles/week in 2011). 

I'm also super proud I ran 4 miles!! I mean, I did do a run/walk for the second half. (I used the light poles on the running trail. Run 6, walk 2. Though I ran further than 6 sometimes. It REALLY helped me out. I need distractions... Haha.) At first I was going to be hard on myself because I didn't run the whole thing.... But forget that. I just ran further than I ever have, and I'm just going to be proud of myself, and enjoy the feeling. So that's what I did. See... Operation "Be Nice to Myself" in full swing there. :)

Today one of my coworkers got King Cakes (he's from New Orleans, so missing Mardi Gras is a big deal to him) shipped out, and we all got one. It was super nice of him, and boy I ate the whole thing. (It was about the size of a Cinnabon cinnamon roll). Ugh. I felt so sick afterwards. My body is just not used to that anymore!! It was delicious.....though. Haha. So I promised myself I would run my intervals tonight and do abs. My calves were so sore, I could barely walk after. It's always the insides of my calves, and they hurt so bad, but I can't stretch them. So I came home and iced them. It worked. Weird. I guess every single person who has ever run, ever, was on to something with that ice stuff. Hmmmm..... Haha.

Please excuse my "cankles". My ankles swell hardcore when I run. My co-workers all make fun of me, but I just embrace them. Mostly because there's nothing I can do about it, so I have to. Haha.

So then I took a shower, and thought I looked really pretty, so I took a photo, just because I can be narcissistic like the best of them.

 I may not perfect but I am beautiful. And so are you. (And yes. I am wearing clothes. Pervs..)

Alsooooo. now I will announce the winner of my giveaway! Woo-hoo! I'm so excited about this!!

I used the random number generator @ so, there was no playing favorites!

The winner is....

Sophia @ Raven Waves

I still have your address (Gosh that sounds creepy. I promise I won't stalk you!!) from my care package, so I should get your winnings in the mail sometime this week. Congratulations!

Thanks everyone for participating, and I am looking forward to doing another one really soon, though it probably will be after I return to America! God, I love that country so much. 20 more days!!!! 

Have a great day my fellow blogging beauties!!


  1. So awesome that you ran 4 miles! The online analysis & goals thing is my favorite part of the Nike+ system.

  2. Wow the Nike system sounds really cool. The garmin is sweet but no one tells you how far youve ran! haha. Congrats to Sophia!

    Girl you are so goreous!! and so is the bling! xoxo

  3. aww yay! congrats sophia!!!

    Ice those puppies down! I actually never use ice... I'm too chicken! I'll totally try it next time - prooomise! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. I'm so excited!!!!! And you do look very pretty in that pic!! I've never had King's Cake before, but I'd love to go to New Orleans one day! It's on my very, very long list of places I want to visit!

  5. You do look pretty in the picture! Awesome post!

  6. Ok, REALLY good idea with the Nike ID! I am feeling like a total dufus for all the looking around I did for Nike ID shoes that I liked back when I used mine.

  7. I am all for taking photos of yourself haha it just reinforces the positive affirmations!