Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vibram FAIL....

Workout: Killer Ab Workout / 25 lunges / 20 minutes weights (chest) / 30 minutes elliptical

I have a few things to talk about today, which is why my post is so late, hehe. First off.

The original plan for today was to run, and to run in these:

Well, you know the saying, "The road to hell was paved with good intentions"? Yeah. That applied to me today. 

I love these shoes, usually. I mean, LOVE. Today, however was a different story. I put them on an immediately it didn't feel right. My calves were already sore (I think they were just tight from all the boots-on-gravel walking) and I don't know how these shoes affect everyone, but they always seem to work my calves the most. But I said, Oh well. and went about my business. Completed my ab workout, (I seriously love this ab set pretty hardcore) then did my weights, and went to the treadmill fully prepared to run. Pssssh. I didn't make it 1/4 of a mile before I pushed the STOP button. It hurt. Not in a good, this is awesome, way hurt. 

So I moved to the elliptical and decided I'd run tomorrow in my nice cushioned calves lovin' tennis shoes. But about 10 minutes into that, my feet starting hurting. I was seriously annoyed by this time. I mean, I've worn these darn shoes multiple times, so it's not like I was completely new to them. Although I hadn't worn them in quite a while because my base looks like this:
I'm sorry. But walking on those rocks hurts.

So I finished my workout, stretched and started walking home. On that. It's like a 3/4 mile walk. I just made that number up, but it is my guess. :) Luckily, a really nice officer drove by in a Gator and offered me a ride. Um, yes please. Don't worry. In the States I only get in windowless vans with strangers. I have standards.

But, alas, it didn't stop me from developing a very irritating bruise right on the bottom of my heel. So now I'm limping. I'm praying it goes away while I sleep the day away so I can run tonight. Wish me luck.

Now onto more important things. Like cookies.

Yeah, I got this in the mail today.

Let's just say the candy fast ended tonight... And I'm not sorry.

Basically, one of my girlfriends sent me a rocking Valentine's Day package. It had:
+FOUR different kinds of Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints, Shortbread, Thanks-A-Lots, and Somoans)
+Bag of Sweathearts Conversation Hearts (yum...)
+Little complilation of Ferrerra Rocher truffles
+magazines (Runner's World, Cosmo, Women's Health, Mad Libs, etc.)
+Wedding Book
+Victorias Secret lotion and Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer
+Super sweet Card
+Face Mask

So, I wasn't going to insult her by not eating the entire bag of candy. That would be rude, guys. Hehe. I did have some help from my co-workers, and the no candy is back on tomorrow. (I obviously am an all-or-nothing kinda girl...) But seriously, it was wonderful. Wonderful.

I was gonna post my eats, but other than candy and girl scout cookies.... it was pretty healthy. Lol. So I don't feel very guilty, and this post is long enough. So I leave you guys with this:

I wasn't kidding when I said I live in a shipping container...


Because I know you guys like to see my sweaty hair and go to sleep now bags...

Have a wonderful day y'all. :)


  1. That stinks that you're feet starting hurting! They'll get better today :) At least you got a ton of weights and abs in your workout too. I would have devoured the whole bag of candy too! I want to send you a V-day package from the States too! :) Maybe you can email me your address? Oh and btw, LOVE Girl Scout cookies, esp. thin mints!

  2. What a great little valetines package. What exactly is a day o day routine for you in Africa, that is where you are correct? Are you part of the Marines? Just curious! :)

  3. Aww what a great friend! :) Hope your foot feels better soon.

  4. How nice that you got a valentine's package! I love that kind of stuff.
    I haven't bought the vibrams, but I want them. I do hear a lot about them causing pain I've put it off. Interesting that they hurt you now when you've worn them lots before!

  5. Hey thats not to bad!! (the living in the storage container and eating a BAG of candy!)
    I've done both... or well close to it.
    When I was in high school we were building a house (In alaska) and my family moved into a camper trailer for a while. (there are SEVEN of us in my family, I was like NO Thank you!) And went and pressure washed my horse trailer and turned it into a bedroom. I'm not even kidding! Twin size bed on crates and all! :D
    Thanks for your comment on my latest post!
    Yes it was on Moanawilli. I LOVE that hike too! Do you get to come back to Hawaii after your deployment or are you stationed somewhere else? I've been in Hawaii for two years...not for military though, for construction. :) There ya go, worlds longest comment!
    Congrats on amazing friends sending you chocolate and a wedding book. What a great friend!

  6. Wow, 4 different kinds of girl scout cookies!! What a great friend!! :) I've always wanted to try vibrams, they look so cool!! Hope your soreness goes away soon!

  7. Awesome little care package you got there! I would break any sugar fast if I got one of those too :)

    I really hope your foot feels better soon. I have always wondered about Vibrams but decided they werent for me because I have a hard time not getting injured even when Im wearing normal shoes! ugh...

  8. That's an awesome package! I love Thin Mints!
    Hope your foot feels better.