Monday, January 31, 2011

Hills and Being Sappy

For the love of all that is holy....

Hills are no joke. Frealz. I was able to do 12:30 before I had to do my cool down walk. I alternated 6.5mph at 0% incline for 2 minutes, then upped it to 6.0% incline and decreased it to 5.5 mph for one minute. Repeat. 

I know 12 and a half minutes isn't a long time. At all. But my legs felt like straight up jello, and I was sweating like Lindsey Lohan in rehab. I was wonderful and horrible all at the same time. I have created my psuedo "Start training for Disney" plan, that I will alter as Disney gets closer. For now it goes something like this:

3 runs per week (minimum)
1 hills run
1 speed run (intervals)
1 long run

Hills: Currently I hit 12:30 at the previously mentioned pace. I'm going to shoot for 15 minutes next time, and keep increasing until I can do the entire workout for 30 minutes. Then I'll work on increasing the pace.

Speed: 1 minute regular pace, 1 minute speed. Increase as I improve.

Long run: Self-explanatory.

My goal is to be able to run Disney at a 7.0 mph (8:34) pace. Or faster. I mean, preferably faster, but this is a speed I feel I could be proud of. I will get there. I know my workout today seemed super short and easy, but for me, it wasn't. I was pushing myself and it was hard. Sometimes when I'm reading all your wonderful blogs, I forget I'm not you. I just started running four months ago, and was out of commission on/off for two of those. I used to not be able to hold 6mph for 2 miles, and my first 5K was in the 33 minute time frame. 

You guys are so inspiring, and I just want to get where y'all are, and so fast. But I just have to remind myself, it will take time, and to listen to my body. I know I'm not slacking, because I can feel it. And I'm improving. I realized today, that I'm proud of myself. And I love all of you for supporting me, and pushing me to get better, you guys are amazing. I'll keep working at it, and keep reading about y'alls amazing runs to keep me inspired. :)

Can you tell I'm hyped up on endorphins? Am I being sappy enough?! Lol.


  1. Just as long as the run was challenging for you, then you should be very proud! I feel the same way though. I always read about people running so fast, and I'm, I wish I could be like that. But I'm with you. I only started running a couple months ago, and I still have a long way to go. Your training plan sounds good! :)

  2. I always look forward to your posts because you are so genuine. It's an inspiration to me that you are challenging yourself and signed up for the half marathon! My adivce to you is to make sure that you push yourself each time you do those three runs a week to the max!!! Just keep this in mind: "its just 3 times a week not ever single day a week" so you best be getting the best sweat in that you possible can! Reach for more each time. even a small 5 second improvement each run goes a long way eventually!

  3. Oh girl, you are so way far ahead of me so you can at least feel better about that! ;) Running much more than a couple of miles is a stretch for me, haha! Anyway, you are doing so great and I love getting to be your cheerleader! :)

  4. wow you are so awesome! an inspiration to say the least, i hope one day i can at least run a 10 min mile! :)

    good luck w/disney! loved that race!

  5. That plan sounds awesome! I ran 3 days a week while training for my half and it was perfect. Can't wait to read about your training!

  6. I know those hills are no joking. I'm hoping to one day love hills but for now I really hate them. Keep up the good work!

  7. I just did a run for the first time in a LONG pace is significantly lower which was bothering me but I just kept thinking about how much I missed it and running is running-you push yourself to the point you're ready to be pushed-I try not to compare myself to other people:)
    Hills-hate! I had the hardest time training for them, ughhhhh

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