Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Calorie Rant

Workout: 45 minutes weights (chest) and 30 minutes SM - negative splits.

Calories. The bane of my existance. I'm so sick of hearing about calories. Counting calories, eating calories, cutting calories, etc. Everywhere you turn there is someone else telling you exactly what you should be eating, how much of it, etc. It's enough to make your hair fall out.

I want to lose weight, yes. I want to do this without counting calories, because when I count calories, especially since I am at the mercy of galley food, it just makes me stressed and feel like I'm always failing.

On the other hand I'm sick of people saying because of my workouts, I need to eat more. I disagree with us. The way to lose weight is essentially to burn more than you eat. If I start working out, and supplement the calories I lose with more from food, I will stay the same. I eat when I'm hungry. Sometimes I have a treat when I just feel like one, and sometimes I eat because I know my metabolism needs a schedule, so even if I don't want breakfast, I need to have it.

I guess I'm just getting frusterated with everything I read or hear contradicting everything else. And maybe, just maybe, I just want to eat healthy. I'm not perfect. I do cheat with treats, but the goal isn't JUST to lose weight. It's to be HEALTHY.

Sorry for the rant. I'm just frusterated today.

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