Friday, December 17, 2010

Proud and Sore.

Workout: 30 minutes weight (chest) / 15 minutes SM / 3.2 mi run (3.0 mi in 27:34 6.5 mph pace)

I do not know why I keep doing this to myself. I will get injured, get my poor legs back to working order, then hurt them again. My hips are so sore this morning. Luckily, this time I think I am just "pushed myself" sore, as opposed to "injured" sore. Though I was concerned last night when I got off the TM. Especially since my dumb butt did the SM BEFORE running. I just don't think sometimes.

Ok, enough with all that. The biggest part of my day yesterday? I RAN 3 MILES AT A 9:13 PACE WITHOUT WALKING!!! Usually I have to walk for few seconds once I get to the 2.25/2.5 mi mark. Nope, not yesterday. My legs were sore, and I was tired (remember SM BEFORE the tread) and I had sweat going into my eyeballs, but I did it.

I wanted to stop so badly, so I made myself deals. You can make it to 2mi and then you can walk. And then when I made it 2 mi, Make it to 25 min and then you can do the last 5 on the TM cooldown. Then when I hit 25 minutes, Ok, seriously, you're almost to 2.75 mi, make it there and you can walk. And finally, SUCK IT UP. It's one more lap around the track. One more lap around the track. Less than a lap around the track. Half a lap......and so on and so forth....

And I made it. I know for most of those Speedies out there, that is not anything to be proud of. But I am. Very proud. Of myself. Very, very, very proud. It was a good day.


  1. Congrats on the run! You better not be injured, that would make me so sad! Love the deal making, I always do that!

  2. Way to go girlie!!! It's amazing how excited we get when we think we're not hurt, when I think most people would use that as an excuse to do nothing!

  3. Thanks guys!! I took a rest day yesterday (my first in a week), and now I'm refreshed and excited to try again!