Saturday, December 11, 2010


60 minutes weights (arms) and 3.2 mi in 35:08 (Though the first 3.0 mi was in 29:53, and the .2 was in like 5:00 for a cooldown.)

So, I got stood up by workout partner last night. Yup. There I was waiting in the gym getting stared at like some kind of freak, and he never showed. I felt like a prom reject. I considered calling it off, but then decided I would be too embarrassed. Lol. So you could say it was peer pressure. Either way I stayed, and of course about 5 minutes into my workout I was loving it, and super glad I stuck it out! 

Hopefully he shows up tonight. I'll go either way, but I prefer to have a buddy. 

Now I'm off to the pool, if it doesn't rain. It only rains like 4 days a year here, so of course the day I decide to go to the pool is one of those days. 

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