Thursday, December 9, 2010

No-Smoking Section

Workout: 2 mi run in under 20 minutes. (untimed since it was group pt on our running trail, and I just forgot to look at my watch at the start....)

Today is a very good day for me. I have officially gone 5 WHOLE MONTHS without a cigarette! I quit smoking cold turkey shortly before making my way out here to Africa. That's right, no patch, no gum, no hypnotism, no Smokers Annonymous (though I don't hate on these options. ANYTHING that helps you quit smoking, I fully support.) I just put them down, and haven't picked them back up. I'm so proud of myself, I could do a little jig. I won't though. That's probably a lie.

-Off to enjoy a smoke free day,


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is a huge accomplishment!! You have a lot of will power and inner strength!!

  2. Thanks a bunch. I'm pretty proud of myself. My better half ALSO quit smoking when I did, so he also deserves a big ole pat on the back!!

  3. Congrats! That's so awesome...definitely a HUGE accomplishment! And thanks for the comments on my blog!