Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet Sweat


60 minutes weights (legs/shoulders) and 3.1 mi on the TM 30:00 (3.0 mi in 28:53)

Oh happy day. I heard from the boy today. I wasn't expecting to hear from him until the 15th, so it was a nice suprise. I hate when he can't talk for days, I get so worried. I'm mailing out his Christmas presents today. I hope he likes them!!

I was looking into Bikram yoga studios back home. I'm dragging my best friend to one when I get back to the States. I'm pretty excited, though really nervous. I've never done yoga before, and I want to try the Bikram version, one, because after the heat here it shouldn't seem like such a shock, and two because I hate workouts that I don't sweat profusely in. I'm sure you are getting just as good of a workout, but I don't FEEL like I am.

I like to feel like a drowned rat by the time I'm done. It's why I enjoy running and the Stairmaster so much. Because I sweat buckets. And love every second of it. :)

Do you prefer to sweat profusely while working out?


  1. Drowned rat..hilarious. You live in AFRICA?? That is awesome!! I am so glad you got to talk to the boy...that must be really hard. Great workout, I need to get a good weights session in!

  2. Yeah I'm deployed here until March. My boy is in Afghanistan, so I tend to worry. I love weights, but cardio really gets me that flying high feeling that I love.