Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Workout: 30 minutes weights (arms) / 30 minutes elliptical

So, I took a much needed two day break from exercising, partly for my injury, and partly to lock myself and like 20 lbs of chocolate in my room so I could watch Dexter and mope about the holidays. I needed my little pity party. BUT. Then, I woke up this morning - I mean, come on, it's CHRISTMAS! - in a much better spirit, opened my presents, and got my booty back in the gym. I may have a slight injury, and I may be away from the love of my life and my family for the holidays, but it's ALMOST OVER. I WILL get better, and I WILL get home. So, I figured I'd share what my Christmas looked like this year. 

First off, I may be away from my family and friends physically, but bless their hearts, they have done everything they can to make sure I knew I was in their hearts and thoughts. They have sent me countless cards, letters, gifts, emails, Facebook posts, and Lord knows Shane calls me whenever he can. (I love those days) So my close group of fans friends/family seriously rock. I'd be lost without them.

Here's what I did yesterday:

We'll start with how I spent Christmas Eve. Gross, unshowered, crocheting  in my room watching Dexter. Very festive, I know. :)

One of my girlfriends, Shannon sent me this yarn in my Christmas package. Now. I have very strict rules about Christmas presents. They are NOT to be opened until Christmas. I'm very serious about this, and even told on Shane to my mother, since he opened her gifts early. (He then asked me where my loyalties lie. I told him he'll think twice next time. Nothing like a MIL to inspire fear... Hehe) BUT. This yarn was not wrapped, therefor does not fall into the Christmas present category. It's a very precise science.

Since I do not open my presents early, I had acquired quite a few, seen here.

I had a whole bunch of fun opening these this morning! The love of my life even sent me workout clothes. Sigh. Is it totally weird that I'm a girl who gets more excited over capri running tights and tech t-shirts than regular clothes? Probably, but it's the truth none-the-less. I even took a picture of me in some of my new gear before I headed out to the gym!

I had an awesome workout. It felt really good to be back in the gym again, plus it was like practically empty, so it was AWESOME! Some random guy came up to me and gave me a lifting tip, which immediately puts me on the defensive. I mean, the guy/girl ratio here is pretty much like 800:1, so getting hit on happens fairly easily. And since my ring won't fit under my lifting gloves, I didn't even have my huge, glaring diamond to ward him off. (I keep it on my persons, though. That thing doesn't ever get away from me!) But, even that turned out nice, since he was really just helping, and didn't try to start an awkward convo, he just merrily went back to what he was doing. :) See. Awesome Christmas.

Then I came home and showered for like the first time in a month two days - gross, I know. But I was too busy being mopey in my room for my smell to offend too many people - and got all gussied up in Christmas gear. And by that I mean I put on the ONLY green (or red) shirt I have out here - which just so happens to be an UA tech tshirt - and put my hair down for the first time since I've been out here. Whoa. I know. FANCY.

Here's the blurry result.

Anyways. I got online to find out one of my best girlfriends got engaged last night! Kudos for her!!! (I knew in advance he was gonna ask, it was one TOUGH secret to keep!!) And now I just have to wait until tonight. It's Bingo night. My favorite time of the month here in Djibouti! Seriously. It's free to play, and they have bomb prizes. Like XBOX 360's and stuff. And boy oh boy. Do I heart me some XBOX. 

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your holidays are filled with joy and family. 


  1. This is awesome, and by the way, I love your liberal use of the strike out font to say what you should have or wanted to have been doing lmao. Like in everything...I am late with the present. But it'll be that much better when you get it right? Happy holidays love! :)

  2. Thanks. Love you. :) Can't wait to annoy you in person once again!