Thursday, December 30, 2010

MMMmmmm Chlorine Locks.....

Workout: About 500m in the pool today.

So I made it to the pool. Look, proof!

I found something out though. (Besides owning the world's most uncomfortable bathing suit, and ugliest goggles). I have no idea how to do a proper workout. I just do laps. Lol. So, I'm going to have to come up with something. I'll be working on that. :)

Told you they were the WUGs. They rock something fierce in the water, though! And then I leave you with this.....

Because only weirdos go home and wash the chlorine out of their hair right away. Normal people wait and watch Army Wives for six hours instead. And yes. I did in fact walk all over base with hair like this. I'm so classy.

I'm in such a good mood because I heard from my love, and he is alive and well. Thanks for your prayers. :)


  1. Oh man this post takes me back to the day...I used to sweat chlorine! No joke. So glad to hear your fiance is well!

  2. BAHAHA!! you are adorable!! good for you to get to the pool....I need to copy you. Washing hair is overrated.