Monday, December 20, 2010

Out and About in Djibouti!!

Last night I forfeited going to the gym, and went out with my friends instead. A friend of mine is leaving Djibouti (insert raging jealousy here..), and we went out to steal his plane ticket  celebrate with him. Yummy Vietnamese food. At the "Restaurant Vietnam". Yup. Tat's the name. Djibouti doesn't waste valuable time with clever, catchy names. Straight to the point, these guys.

Went out, and fully planned on going to the gym afterwards. My first mistake. The last thing I wanted at 9 pm when I've gorged myself on Vietnamese food and pistachio ice cream is to go work out. I just wanted to climb into bed and watch Dexter. (I heart Dexter something fierce. But I'm only starting Season 3, so PLEASE don't ruin it for me!!) So, that's what I did. Tonight the gym and I have a date, though. Weightlifting and cardio, yay. Probably not running, no matter how much I want to. My hips are still a little sore/tight, and I am trying to make sure I don't re-injure myself. 

So it's me and my BFF JILL the Stairmaster. :-) Yay! And I leave you with a picture of us from last night.

I'm the one on the left in the blue shirt.

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