Friday, January 7, 2011

African Zombie Apocalypse ....... Or Not

Workout: 30 minutes weights (chest/back) / 30 minutes elliptical / 50 crunches / 30 minutes laughter

WHEW. I seriously love Glee. I think I burned an extra 50 calories laughing tonight alone. It was amazing. I will be super sad when I run out of episodes! Or.... I'll just find something new to distract me. I'm loving working out this week. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I'm just getting a better workout in. My arms and chest feel like jello (I even had trouble lifting my arms in the shower this morning. WIN.) and my legs are sore (good sore!) and I couldn't be happier. What is it about exercise that turns us all into masochists? :)

Tonight the living quarters on base (think metal shipping containers. I'm not kidding.) lost power. Not really that big of a deal, especially since the internet stayed up for like an hour (I'm still confused on that one) afterwards, so I could still stalk use Facebook to my heart's content. (I'm what my best friends and I call an ELITE LURKER. I love Facebook, especially pictures. Even more so when I'm on boring deployments and the only thing saving my sanity is the internet and the gym. Which resulted in..... BLOGGING. :)

Anyways. I got off track. So then after the power goes out I realize I have to go to the bathroom SUPER BAD. Not that big a deal, except it's pitch black. I grab my flashlight and we're off. 

No, the bathrooms are not connected, and yes you have to go outside to get to them. It makes for a very grouchy Katy in the middle of night when I have to pee because I've drank 1000 oz of water that day, and I can't find my shoes in the dark.

So I walk in the pitch black bathroom (also a converted shipping container) and immediately feel as if I have been transported into a Resident Evil game. It was CREEPY.Throw in the fact that the bathroom doors don't lock, and zombies anyone can just waltz on in, and you've got me with the heebie-jeebies.

Dead silence + dark bathroom + no door locks = Katy thinking of every scary movie scenario she's ever watched.


Of course the scariest thing that ACTUALLY happened was the person who left without washing their hands (this is gross and unsanitary in America, but HERE that should be punishable but torture law.) and I escaped back to my pitch black room unscathed.

Have you ever been in a creepy power outage situation before?

Normally I OWN power outages and have like every person I know over and we have a blast. But, like everything else, this place takes the fun and makes it lame.

Do you judge people when you see them leave the bathroom without washing their hands?

I do. Immediately. It's just gross. 


  1. Haha, yes! I definitely judge people who leave the bathroom without washing their hands! Though, I will say that there have been several public restrooms that I've used that have been so gross that the idea of touching the faucet or soap dispenser is so gross that I just use my handy dandy hand sanitizer instead (I'm a bit of a germ phob so I always have my hand sanitizer with me). But yeah, I hear ya!

  2. I judge big time ha!! K, Glee is the best show ever. I am so glad you are having a good workout week. When the power goes off I freak out big time!

  3. I judge for sure! It grosses me out...then I have to take a paper towel to touch the door handle with!