Monday, January 17, 2011

Healthy Eating..... Finally.

So, I came to Africa needing to lose around 25 pounds to get to my goal weight, which is a healthy, slender weight for my height.

I've been here over five months, and have lost six pounds. Now, all is not lost here, guys, I have put on some noticeable muscle, but certainly not 19 pounds of it. 

I think somewhere along the way I convinced myself "dieting" was bad, and I shouldn't do it, in order to lose weight the "healthy" way. Which is true, I should just choose healthier options, limit my sugar intake DRASTICALLY, eat lean meats, and mostly consume fruits and vegetables. That's my theoretical diet.

Reality, however, has a much uglier side. I eat way too much sugar. I eat way too much rice. I don't eat nearly as healthy as I should, and it's taken it's toll on my waistline. Just because I exercise almost every single day should not excuse my poor eating habits. And it's time I put on my big-girl pants and sucked it up. 

Yes, I'm deployed, and my food is intake is completely dependent on the galley's menu. And yes, the healthy options are not always as fresh and delicious and various as I would be able to create in my own kitchen. Actually, the selection really sucks. 

But there IS a selection. And I've just got to suck it up for the LESS THAN TWO MONTHS (can you tell I am BEYOND EXCITED?!) and eat bland food for now. I may not be able to stop them from serving 5 fried options a meal, but so help me, I can stop those options from entering my mouth. 

I CAN do this. I quit smoking after 10 years cold turkey. I can forfeit a little sugar. Angie (check her out, she's pretty inspiring, and I love reading her blog!) suggested blogging what I eat. I haven't done this for two reasons. 1. The food here is so ugh looking nobody wants to see that. and 2. I would then be held accountable, and I'm frightened to see what I eat all day looking back at me. 

So, basically this tells me I really need to change my eating habits. 

So here goes. Please forgive me my pictures of awful looking food. Don't worry, I won't be offended if everyone tells me it looks completely unappetizing. Lol. Plus, in two months, I can start posting yummy non-Navy food as well. :) But from now on, I'm holding myself accountable, and feel free to hold me accountable as well.

I love our blog community, and you guys have NO IDEA how much you have inspired me so far. Your comments and your blogs make my day. I'm going to bed now (hopefully...), I'll start with the food pictures tomorrow. Be prepared to see a lot of Styrofoam containers and paper plates. Only the best for us out here. :) 


  1. Girl, I love that you are being so honest here! I am so excited to help keep you accountable as you start this process! You will do great. :)

  2. Blogging about your meals sounds like a great idea! I definitely agree that it will make you feel like you need to eat healthier, especially since the whole world will be able to see it. You're going to end up losing that weight. :) Have a good night! Can't wait to see the photos for breakfast/lunch/dinner!

  3. can't wait to see pics! i'm a new follower :)

    congrats to you, blogging makes me accountable!

  4. The blog community is amazing !!! You are gorgeous just as do not need to loose an ounce!! You are inspiring me to eat better...thanks, I guess I will put the skittles away now:)

  5. Girl I've seen your pics, I think you're being too hard on yourself, you're lookin' good! It is great though that you're making the effort to make changes to eat healthier.

    Blogging my food is hard for me too, I don't think it looks half as good as that of other bloggers, but i'll tell you one thing, it has definitely kept me accountable! I'm the same way in that I have no trouble working out a lot but when it comes to food, I'm all for the sugar. I'm sure your pics will be great!!

  6. It's so inspirational that you're making this effort while deployed- I have access to healthy food every day and I still make some bad choices. Good luck !

  7. I think its hard to blog about what you eat but it also pushes you to make better choices since you dont wanna post a big mac up there haha