Friday, January 28, 2011


Disclaimer: This is not an exercise or food related post. I got caught up in a whole bunch of tasks (mainly surfing the interwebs) and blew the whole night, so I have a lot of cleaning to do in my CLU, since we have room inspections in the morning. You know. When I'm supposed to be sleeping. SO I have my hit-the-gym hardcore workout planned for tomorrow, but it will be tomorrow. :)

So while this deployment has been a total drag and I miss my loverboy and my family and my friends, I miss real food, and clean bathroom, and nice beds, I miss going shopping and celebrating holidays, and pretty much everything I used to take for granted, I will say one thing about being deployed.

Mad money, yo.

For real, my favorite part of being deployed is getting that paycheck on the 1st and 15th and being able to watch my savings account grow. And grow. And grow. I have not always been very good with money. In fact when I was 18, and new to the "Employment Club"  (I count the Navy as my first real job), the first thing I did was get a credit card. And max it out. Fast forward six years and 4 more credit cards.... That was me at the beginning of this deployment. 

Now, I have paid all of those off, and one of the things that I am super looking forward is shopping when I get back to the States! :) I have a list of things to buy, and wanted to share. 

Things Katy Will Spend Deployment Monies On:
+Treadmill. Yes. I want one, and will have one. Shane and I will just have to find a bottom floor apartment. 
+Wedding Dress. And probably various other wedding doo-dahs.
+Clothes/Shoes/etc. I'm not only going to be a new size when I come back to the States, but I have been salivating over magazines/movies/blogs for months. I want fashionable stuff!
+Makeup. All of mine is back in the States, and most of it will be past recommended useage dates when I get back. 
+Food. Groceries. Anything involving food prep. This is a must. :) I've been jealous of everyones recipes for way too long!
+Cell phone. I will finally join the rest of the world and get a smart phone. Usually I'm super cheap when it comes to phones, and never get the best kind, and then it breaks about six months in, and I have to wait for my time to upgrade to come around.... Not this time. I haven't decided on an iPhone or a Droid. Any suggestions?
+Security deposit/Rent for an apartment, so when Shane comes home we have a place to live.... :)
+Car registration and insurance. Ugh. I liked not having those bills.....
+Getting my hair did. Seriously. I'm so excited. 

Anyways. Some of it is fun, "yay shopping with bestie goodness". Others are "boring bills gotta be paid" blah. I'm blessed enough to have the military pay for my school, and a soon to be husband who will still have a job. Sugar Daddy as I like to call him... 

What would you spend your money on, if you had been away from civilization for months earning it?
You just saw it. If I was still gonna be employed (and wasn't trying to pay for a wedding without going into debt).... let's just say there would be less responsible things on there, and more...... trips to Europe/Mexico/the Bahamas.


  1. You are such an inspiration, and you deserve every paycheck + twice more. I respect and honor everyone in the armed services. Thanks, Katy! Going shoppin’ tomorrow, so I hope to get things out in the next week :) I agree with everything on your list…but I think you deserve a really nice massage too! a

  2. When are you returning to the states? Can I send you a package now---you must need stuff, right? I usually go to those sites that list deployed units and what they need and then just send to them, but I'd like to send stuff to someone I "know" !!!!

    They always ask for things like razors, tampons, granola bars, magazines, swedish fish, haha.

    I used to work on an Air Force Base in the fitness program (as a civilian) so I had some insights to the pay...with my active duty friends. It's such an amazing commitment and service to do---you deserve every penny of that deployment money!

    I'd probably buy many of the things you have on your list too.
    So glad you've had the opportunity to pay off your debt, that has to feel pretty darn good...and now you can spend for fun :)

  3. Ah it would feel really great for me to have a lot of money saved up but I hate that you cant make real food etc there. But i love everything on your list! You will feel like a new woman...

  4. Wow it sounds like youre makin the big bucks over there! So all that hard work and PT sessions are paying off :) You deserve everything on that list!!! My list would probably be very similar and I would also add all the foodie items I have learned about through blogs. I have a blackberry so sorry no input here...Ive heard android is awesome though