Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hairspray and Military PT

Workout: Department PT. Ugh. 

If there is one thing I dislike about the military it is group pt. Seriously. It sucks. It's supposed to be team building, and help keep you fit. Instead they spend an hour making you do the SAME calisthenics over and over, yelling at you the whole. They treat it like it's a punishment, and it sucks. I workout because I think it's fun. I enjoy it. They manage to suck all the fun out of it.

For example, they choose an exercise, and then decide how many you are supposed to do. I don't know whose level of fitness they are operating at, but I literally CANNOT do 40 pushups as quickly as they count them out. So if you take a break, they yell at you. I'm not kidding. Like I said, it's not about fitness. It's a punishment.

Not to mention completely uncreative and boring. Perhaps these exercises work if done on a regular basis might work (but I doubt with all the amazing workout opportunities out there, anyone CHOSE these lame exercises.) but we do them once a week. So, it effectively wastes time for everyone.

Anyways, I'm trying to be more positive, so I'll stop hating. Maybe. :) Here's how pt went this morning.

I started out wearing this SUPA FINE outfit.

Yes. The Navy on the shirt is made of reflective material. Just in case you couldn't see the BLINDINGLY yellow shirt. You know. If you were actually blind. 

Obligatory fuzzy mirror picture. :)

This stuff is a life-saver. The mosquitoes in Africa are like birds. And yes. They bite through clothes. 

+Stretching. The same stretches as always, for 10 seconds. Because 10 seconds is long enough to get a good stretch in....
+ 2 warm up laps around the soccer field.
+ Sprint across the soccer field.
+ 20 4-count pushups (for those of us that are normal, that equals 40 pushups)
+ Sprint across the soccer field.
+ 15 4-count leg lifts. (so 30.)
+ Sprint across the soccer field.
+ 15 4-count squats. (30 again)
+ Sprint across the soccer field.
+ 20 4-count flutterkicks (You lie on your back and scissor your legs up and down.) (Oh. 40)
+ Sprint across the soccer field.
+ 20 4-count diamond pushups. (40, out of which I successfully achieved one.)
+ Sprint across the soccer field. 
+ 20 4-count Hello Dollys (You lie on your back, legs six inches from the ground, and open and close your legs. Yes. It is VERY inappropriate) (40, also)
+ Lunge across the soccer field. (This one HURT.)
+ 30 4-count arm circles. (60, for normal people)
+ Sprint across the soccer field.
+ 10 Dirty Dogs each leg (Get down on all fours and pretend to pee on a fire hydrant. I wish I were kidding.)
+ Bear crawl halfway across the soccer field. (I still don't really know how to do this..) Sprint the other half.
+ Cool down lap around the soccer field.
+ More 10 second stretches.

Now, on to the positivity. You notice all those words ups there? The ones in red? Yeah. I did those. Pain-free.


So... if I still am pain-free tomorrow, I will slowly start to incorporate running into my schedule again. I'm so excited!!!! :)

Also, I leave you with this. I don't have a foam roller. But I really want one. I know if I ordered one offline, by the time it got here, it'd be time to ship it home. SO I use this:

Yes. That's hairspray. :)

I've got a playlist post coming soon. :) Toodles.


  1. Ugh Department PT sounds really tough. No way could I do 40 pushups. But at least it’s some kind of activity…albeit a boring and repetitive one :) Aw a fuzzy mirror picture! Love those! Congrats on being pain-free!!!! So happy for you!

  2. You should send that in for Suave's new Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign that I just made up in my head. :-)

  3. Love the hairspray foam roller!

  4. I hate when people expect you do to exercises super fast! I took a class the other day and the fitness instructor was calling out push ups so fast that I couldn't keep up and was compromising by only going half way down. Totally don't see the benefit in that!

    Yay for doing those exercises pain free! I totally didn't realize you were in Africa! I think thats kinda cool, minus the mosquitos :)

  5. Hooray for being able to do so much pain free! Glad you have the bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away!