Friday, January 7, 2011

Is There a CA (Candy Anonymous)?

Workout: 30 minutes weights (arms-oh so sore!) / 30 minutes elliptical / 50 crunches

So I tried something new today. I worked last night, and everyone on my shift decided to go to the gym after work. Three people committing to the gym prior to a 12 hour mind-numbing shift?


But when breakfast dinner time rolled around, I just so happened to be on the phone. And then work came calling, and I couldn't really get a break to go eat. GASP! You are seriously asking me work out, after 12 hours of work, on an empty stomach?

PSHHH. Yeah. Ok.

So I gulped down a GU energy gel. I have been reading about these from various bloggers as fuel for a long run, taken during the run. Not as a meal replacement. But. You work with you've got, right? And we had those in the shop. Among a truckload of candy.

Seriously. A truckload. If I could take pictures at work, (I can't because it's wayyyyy to embarrassing very illegal.) you would feel super bad for me. I mean, a sugar addict like me stuck in a room with candy ALL day and night? Might as well lock up and addict with a heroin needle. You'd get the same results..... Though I may have less willpower.

So, I figured, even though it's not a proper meal replacement, it will work in a pinch. And boy did it. That or I am just energetic superwoman. It was great. Well, not what I'd deem "yummy delicious" (which is the highest praise I can award. It never happens with galley food.) But no bad aftertaste which rocks my socks. Suh-weet.

I also went up a resistance level on the elliptical. I had been stuck for too long at the one I was at. I'm going to be doing that periodically, until I eventually max out. That's the goal at least... I also am looking for an elliptical interval workout. You know. For when I get brave enough to actually try it. So if you find one. Please point me in the right direction. And I'll think about getting out my big girl pants and giving it a shot. 

But before everyone stones me for not properly fueling before a workout, know this! I ate serious amounts of oatmeal last night. Like, I think I am single handedly supporting the oats industry. Well. That and Hershey. :)


  1. Sounds like an awesome workout! I had my first Gu while training for my 1/2 marathon a couple months ago and was surprised by how good it was!

  2. I’m obsessed with candy, too! I’ll eat anything and everything, but especially Skittles, Pixie Stix and Sprees!