Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rest Day

No gym for this girl today. I don't what it is, but I (and my body) just feel exhausted. I slept for ten hours, woke up and went right back to sleep for another two last night.I hope I'm not coming down with something. Either way, I just decided to give myself a day off. 

To make up for my lack of exercise today.... I will be upping my running distance tomorrow, since I haven't felt ANY leg pain in a while. If I still don't feel any after tomorrow, we'll work from there. Still going to knock out my lunges and planks, though. 

I got to talk to the boy! That is exciting news. It means he is safe and unhurt, and I can not worry for a few more days. This deployment may be the death of me. I've never been on this side of one, before. I've always thought of deployments from the military viewpoint, and how difficult it is for the service member. I guess I didn't realize how difficult it is for the families as well. The not knowing, waiting for some form of communication. The prayers and pleadings with God when you haven't had contact with them for a little while. It breaks your heart a little at a time. I'm grateful for the military and all it has provided me. I understand that the military serves a very important purpose, and is needed. But, I have come to realize I will be very glad on the day I can say my boy doesn't have to leave me to put himself at risk every single day.

Sorry for the novel. :)

Anyways. I just chatted with one of best friends and his girlfriend for like 3 hours. So I'm super tired and off to bed. I hope everyone has a great night/day!



  1. I am excited that you talked to you boy! Must have put your mind at easy, if only for a little while :) have a wonderful rest day! eat healthy :)


  2. Your body deserves a rest day. You’ve been doing some killer workouts recently :) So glad you got to talk to your fiance!! I can’t even imagine how tough that must be for you. Yay football today!!

  3. Rest days are so necessary. I love having Sundays as rest days, so I can relax, do homework, and get ready for the week. Yay for getting to talk to your fiance! I had a hard enough time with being long distance last year, I can't even imagine not talking to my boyfriend & worrying about him.

  4. Yay glad to hear your boy is well! Rest days are important, our muscles can recover so we can work even harder the next day...totally worth it! Get some rest!

  5. Big hooray for getting to talk to the boy and for having some rest!! :)