Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back in the Game!

Hi y'all!

Woot! I'm back to feeling 100%, and I am so ready for work to be over (only another 11 hours to go...) so I can get this lazy bum back into the gym.

I was talking to my bestie (Ellie) and was like....hmmmm... do I want to do intervals again, or try hills? Of course being the butthead that she is... she chose hills. I've never done hills before... so I'm super nervous, yet excited! I'll be sure to blog the experience, and how much my poor legs are gonna hurt afterwards. ALSO!! Said best friend, and future hubs both agreed to do the 2012 Walt Disney World Half-Marathon with me! It felt like Christmas morning. My two favorite people in the whole universe? YES, PLEASE!

I am so excited. I'm signing the boy and I up on opening day of registration. I have decided that I not only want to run this half, but I want to do well. I mean, barring any injury, I have a year to prepare for this, so I feel if I push myself (within my limits, of course, no injuries!!) I can do pretty well. You guys have to understand, never in my life have I done well at sports. Ever. Ever. I was never competetive because, well, I never tried. I am beginning to see why it's so much fun!!

So even though I know it going to take some work, and there will be lots of days I don't want to... I just have to keep my eye on the end goal, and think of Mickey and Minnie at the finish line. :)

Ooooooh! I restarted my Twitter account! You can follow me, I mean, if you don't get sick of my chitter chatter already.... Lol. I'm @runnin2thealtar. I started (and abandoned) my Twitter account a long time ago, so if you go back too far, there quite a few swear words, so I apologize if you aren't a fan of cursing. It's still something I'm trying to change about myself. :)

Also, Bess is having a give-away of some yummy snacks, so check it out. You can also reach it by my giveaway links on the side of my blog. Ok, well I guess I'd better get back to Kitty Cannon work. See you later with my post-hills run!!



  1. Good luck with hills!! That's so awesome that your fiance and bf are going to do the half marathon with you! Lots of motivation then :)

  2. Yayy so happy you have some running buds for the half!! I sounds like it will be amazing. I just started a twitter account! I dont really have it set up yet but Im going to sign on and follow you now! You can be my first follower if you want, haha :)

  3. Glad you're feeling better :)

    I'm headed to twitter to scope out some of your swearing!

  4. That's so awesome your future hubs is running with you! I'm still trying to work on my guy for the half- I doubt I'll be successful though. A girl can hope..

  5. That's so cool about the half marathon. I want to do the Disney one too one day!!

  6. So JEALOUS I want to run that marathon I think I should sign up but I'm afraid I might not be able to run the whole thing! We'll see! I will check out that giveaway too thanks for the heads up... Let me know how the training is going for your marathon. I would love to run and see mickey at the finish line too