Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Aggravation Motivation

I'm in a bad mood. I was in a super happy mood earlier, and even got to talk to my BFF, which usually puts me in a super great mood. But then I got to thinking about one of my pet peeves and I got all annoyed.

I need to go to the gym stat. I was planning on taking a gym break from work, since we have the manning tonight, but then I spent an hour and a half of work time on the phone. So, instead of being a super-big time jerk and then taking ANOTHER two hour break, I've decided to just go afterwards. And since I never have the motivation to gym it up after a 12 hour shift, here I am putting it on the interwebs. You guys have to keep me honest! Hehe.

I mean missing one day for other reason than being lazy is one thing. But two in a row? Nope. That becomes a habit. I won't have it.

I also have super great news. I'll share it later. You know. When I tell you guys all about the workout I'm doing after work.

Because I am going.


  1. DID YOU GO!!! After a 12 hour are my hero!! I am sorry you were in a bad mood, I bet you felt so much better after the gym:) I NEED to try snickerdoodle hot cocoa!!! BRILLIANT and girl you are hilarious!

  2. That's amazing that you're going after a 12-hour shift! I feel the same way abt workouts now. If I miss one day..fine. But if I miss two...I feel terrible!

  3. Working out would be the last thing on my mind after a 12 hr shift...good for you! Cant wait to hear the news!