Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Transvestites and Treadmills

Workout: 20 minutes weights (back and tricep) / 41 minutes elliptical / 19 minutes TM 3.0 mph 11% incline

Wooooooh, Buddy. My legs are sore. Between the squats yesterday, and the cardio today, they are screaming at me. I love it. :)

I was only going to my usual 30 minutes of elliptical, but then I came upon the Rocky Horror Glee Show. Seriously, it just made my week. I had to keep going. Brilliant. I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and almost started doing the Time Warp right there on the treadmill. 

If it weren't like 100% probability that my klutzy behind would fall off and break something I'm sure is neccessary to function.... let's just say, I would have been jumping to the left.... And a step to the RIII-IIII-III-GHT. 

I took pictures, and was fully prepared to post them.... except I'm a total tard and left my memory card in my computer. So they are stuck on the hard drive of my camera. Forever. Sorry....

I hope everyone has a great night! 


  1. That stinks about the photos! Next time :)

  2. Sad day on the photos! And I have to say your post title totally cracked me up!

  3. oh my gosh I'd never seen rocky horror picture show before that episode and I still loved it! We watched the real rocky horror the next day- it was dead on!

  4. OH I totally did that once too (like two days ago...haha).

    Did you purposely go an extra minute on the elyptical because you hate the treadmill and want to cut off a minute or did you just forget to get off the elyptical? :) (Just teasing!)