Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lunges, Anyone?

Um, hi guys! Just checking in from work, so no pictures or anything. Sorry!

I took a rest day yesterday because all those lunges made me walk like an old man, and I needed it. Then I remembered that this morning, after work, there is going to be a base-wide power outage.


Looks like 2 rest days. I'm not excited about it.


I made a deal with the bestie, and we have decided to do 25 (per leg) lunges EVERY DAY. Plus, we're doing front and side planks. Starting at one minute, working up to three. I can do a minute thirty front plank, and one minute side planks. But they HURT. Lol. Today is day one of the challenge. I'll keep tabs on here, just to keep me honest.

She reads this......

:) Ok, well I'm off to watch more football and drink more sugar-free hot chocolate! Have a GREAT day!


  1. Planks are tough!! 1:30 is really, really good! Time for me to get back to football too! :)

  2. Your lunges goal is AWESOME!! I love it. You're going to have some smokin' legs. I just finished my mug of sugar free hot chocolate as we speak. I'm obsessed with it!!

  3. Great goal!! Planks are so hard...they always make me shake. YOU are so inspirational! I would be taking off more than two days in a row if working out occurred after 12 hour shifts... enjoy the fb and hot choc!

  4. I want to join in with your goal. I love that you said the lunges made you walk like an old man....that totally happens to me too ha! Your body needs those two days....when you come back you will feel better than ever! I love sugar free hot chocolate!! I am the same with you about fancy foundation but walmart has the best eye shadows! Hope you are having a great day!

  5. So good to have a friend to keep you accountable!

  6. those lunges are pretty brutal!

  7. Oh, Miz Hofffffffff. I'm going to post your video. <3