Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vampire Pale Girl

Workout: 25 lunges / 1:30 front plank / 1:00 side planks / 20 minutes weights (back) / 2mi run in 18:30, 6.5 mph pace 

Whew. That run was awesome. I'm glad I upped the mileage, and if all feels good tomorrow, then I will continue to incorporate more running into my workout regiment. Yippee! After the 18:30, I upped the incline to 5.0 and downed the speed to 3.5 mph and finished out my 30 minutes while jamming and watching the beginning of the Steelers/Jets game. 

Confession: I did not do my lunges/planks yesterday. Whoops. Sorry, El. I got to talking to Patrick on Skype, and the next thing I knew it was three hours later and I was sleepy. Sorry. :(

So I was sorry to see the Bears lose, and it looks like the Jets are not doing so well (the game is still going, so this could change), so both of my picks for the weekend may turn out to lose. I'm just sad to see the season end at all. I love football. Especially college football. Now that is where my heart truly lies. :)

Here is a flash-gone-wrong photo of myself in the gym tonight:

I mean, I'm pale. But even I'm not that pale.

The eats so far today:
+Beef and broccolli
+Small portion of rice
+Wilted salad.
+Diet Coke

I know, not much. I'll make up for it at breakfast, here in a few minutes, promise. :) I slept really late, AGAIN. I have work tonight, so that won't be happening today. It's good, though. I need to get out of my room and actually speak to another person. It's funny, in America I'm super social. But here, in Africa, pssssssh. I'm like the CLU (what we call the shipping containers we live in) version of agoraphobic. Haha.

Anyways, this girl is hungry, so I'm off to fill my belly. Oh, I love breakfast. :) Have a great Monday everybody!


  1. Great workout! Keep it up! good time for two miles :) pus for 7mph next time!

  2. Ugh Bears sucked so badly. I’m so depressed that the season had to end like that. At least there’s still bball! Hope you have a great Monday too! And great job on that run!

  3. College football is where my heart lies as well! Maybe its because LA doesnt have a team, but I just can't seem to gain interest in the NFL! Hope you got some good grub! Excellent workout :)

  4. AWESOME WORKOUT!! Girl, I AM that pale ha! You better have fueled up good after all that sweating:) Please come to Utah...I will load you up on creamies!

  5. I feel that Pale!! Breakfast is my favorite meal too :)