Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Eats of the day. Try not to fall asleep at the boringness of my meals....

P.S. I haven't had my breakfast/dinner yet.

+Grilled BBQ chicken breast
+Green beans
+Oatmeal with flaxseed and dried strawberries and 2 packets of Splenda
+Like 5 bowls of popcorn. Maybe seven.
+2 Diet Cokes
+2 cups of English Breakfast Tea w/ 2 Splendas each
+Oatmeal with 2 splendas.

My shop has a popcorn maker, and it is the bomb. I love it because I am a popcorn freak, but microwave popcorn is sooooooo bad for you. So you throw kernals into this machine that uses hot air instead of oil to pop the popcorn and then you can flavor it however you want. We use a little butter and some parmesan. It's super easy and pretty healthy. It's also way cheaper than microwave popcorn, at least if you eat a lot of it.

So, I made a big decision today. I have decided to sign up for the 2012 DisneyWorld Half Marathon. Marathon weekend is Jan 5-8, 2012 and registration opens on March 15, 2011. I'm just going to dive headfirst into it. I figure it's plenty of time for me to heal and train. And I'm obsessed with Disney. Seriously. So. Who's with me?! Haha. But really...

I'm really excited about it. Plus I think it would be something fun for Shane and I to do as newlyweds. You know. Me run, and him put up with me talking about nothing but running for the next year. Or so. Haha. I don't know where I found such an easy-going guy, but I'll be danged if I'm ever letting him go. He's out on missions now, and I miss him so.

We just watched Julie and Julia at work, and holy cow do I love that movie. Especially since she's a blogger. :)

Going to work out after shift, and I'm going to do the kettlebell workout, and this ab workout that I wrote about yesterday. Plus the usual lunges, though I am substituting my planks for the ab workout. Ellie, it counts. It SO counts! Then I'm running my mile (woohoo!), and doing the usual Glee marathon elliptical workout. Really looking forward to it. :)

I have decided to continue to add fiber to my diet, my body drastically needs to get used to it. It will be uncomfortable, I know, but I'm hoping as my body grows accustomed to it, the negative side effects will lessen. Hopefully.

Anyways. I hope everyone has a great day! :)


  1. Congrats on signing up for the half marathon!!! That is amazing!! I don’t think I could ever do one of those lol. I’m going to do a 5-k this year, and maybe a 10-k but I think that’s all I can handle. Hope you’re having a great day. And I love microwave popcorn too! So, so delicious! Great job with the healthy eating! :)

  2. Do it! It will be so much fun and you will do so great!!

  3. What missions is he on if you don't mind me asking? Just curious. Also, Congrats on doing the marathon for 2010. I am for sure doing a 5k this year and working my way up! :) way to go.... Fiber is such a necessary thing if your going to be running a lot FYI :)

  4. Congrats about your Disney decision! I've heard that's a really fun one!

  5. Mmmm I love popcorn!! :) Disney half marathon will be so fun!!!

  6. Hm, I would love to do a Disney half or full marathon! The other one I want to do is the San Fran Half where you get Tiffany necklaces when you finish.

  7. just completed my first attempt of that ab workout. if every muscle from my neck down to my knees feels like it's been set on fire with napalm, it means it's working right?

    oh good.

  8. Way to go on signing up for the 1/2!!! You will do awesome. I have always wanted to do a disney one, so I'm super jealous of you!
    I also love that air popped popcorn. It's so freaking delicious!!

  9. Congrats on signing up for the half! That one sounds like a fun one! Pop corn is so amazing, I love how it always seems to fill me up.

    You should totally look into BodyPump when you get back, its a group exercise class where you use a barbell to lift and they play lots of good music. I think you would love it!

  10. Hi there- just stopped by to check out your blog (well, obviously)
    I had to add more fiber to my diet a few years back, and I'd say start by increasing more fruits and veggies, then increase oats or oat bran, and then if you move onto more flax and beans its easiest to get used to slowly. But you'll be happy you did with how great you feel and how much energy you have.