Monday, January 10, 2011

Ugly Green Monster Rears Its Head...

Workout: 30 minutes weights (arms) / 30 minutes elliptical / 50 crunches +~ 5 more minutes of ab work.

That was yesterday's workout, because today is a rest day. A planned beforehand, bona-fide not a I'm feeling uber lazy and want to sit around and eat candy spur of the moment rest day. Feels good. :)

Also, my New Years Resolution to give up Diet Coke has already gone out the window. Hehe. I love it so much. Plus, I also said I didn't want my resolutions to be about deprivation, so much as goals. So I've nixed that one. I will still try to limit it, and definitely drink more water. But 2011 is about me becoming healthy, not me putting crazy diet restrictions on myself, that I will eventually freak out and break.

Plus, limiting what I can and can't have when my diet is already restricted to whatever nasty, awfully prepared galley food just isn't right. When I get back to the States and my kitchen (oh the joy!) I will be able to prepare my own food.

One of my biggest pet peeves is there will be MAYBE 2 overcooked vegetable choices at each meal, yet 5 fried options. And a wilted salad bar. The fruit is yummy, if it's fresh, though I will give them credit, they are pretty good about providing fresh fruit. Oh, and they have an entire bar dedicated to ice cream. Plus free candy, chips, another bar dedicated to cake-like desserts.

And then the military harps on us to stay in shape.

Which we should. I agree wholeheartedly. But they make working out a punishment, and provide us with 90% crap food, and 10% healthy food, cooked to be super NOT-tasty. It's quite the oxymoron. Emphasis on the MORON.

Anyways. I'll get off my soapbox. It's just I spend all day looking at the pictures of delicious food everyday. I'm feeling quite Green with envy.


  1. I have been on and off diet coke 500 times it feels like. I have such a hard time because I KNOW i'm healthier without it, but if it is between me eating a candy bar or drinking a diet coke for my sweet fix the DC always sounds better and is no calories...right? (atleast that is what I tell myself...)

  2. Ah sounds like a tough food situation...I know I would go crazy on the free desserts every night! Good for you for making the best of it though. When do you get to return home?

  3. I don’t know if I could resist all those sweets! Looks like you had a great workout though! :)

  4. Free desserts...hmmm - I dont think i've EVER passed that up. You worked hard you could afford one :)

  5. Don't worry, I have an addiction to Diet Coke! I can't go without it!

  6. You make my day! GIrl if d.c. is the worst of your eating habits I think you are okay to have it especially if you love it!!! Can't wait for you to have your own kitchen....any chances your going to move to Utah?!?! Glad you had a pear today, I need to send you some big ones though!

  7. Ugh, what an awful situation to be in. Passing over the sweets wouldn't be a problem for me, but choosing to eat limp, overcooked "healthy" vegetables instead of the fried ones... yeah, that'd be much harder.