Thursday, January 27, 2011

Calves of Fire

Workout: 7 laps around the soccer field (I'm guessing about 1 mile...) / 20 8-Count Body-builders / 25 squats / 1:00 plank (front and sides) / 60 arm circles

PT was group again today. I hate it so much. I don't know why going to the gym is my favorite time of every day, but department pt is the worst part of my week. I suppose I should have a better attitude about it, but it's so dang annoying. It's not that it's hard, just annoying.


My calves were on fire today. Seriously, it should have been an off-running day, and my calves were proving it. On the last lap I was literally almost in tears. It took everything I had not to cry in front of a hundred other people. I came home and tried to roll them, but even that was excruciating. I was planning on running again tonight (was going to bump it up to every other day) but it will definitely be a cross train night. 

Here's a few photos, and then I'm to dream world. I'm exhausted!!

Because I <3 these cookies... Don't worry. I only had 3!

Good night everybody!! :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your calves! At least you know that you're working really hard!! Re: the care package, I'll keep you posted ;) Have a great night!!

  2. Ugh im sorry about PT, at least you're done with it for the week :) You deserve those cookies after finishing it!

  3. Ah, I love those cookies too! They are the best frozen! :)

  4. Oh man.. Thin mints!! My weakness!!! I hope you enjoy those!!

  5. Sorry about your calves! Way to practice self control with the thin mints! :)

  6. I love the peanut butter patties the best thin mints were never my thing. the shortbread were good to! I haven't had those in sooooo long though i miss them!

  7. I hope your calves are feeling better today! I havent ran in a while so I need to do that tonight... Do you keep your thin mints in the freezer?? SO GOOD