Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Candy Tastes Better With Soap

Went out on the town tonight for dinner. I ordered a chicken dish that was supposed to have coconut cream sauce, and got this:

It tasted worse than it looks. Yes. That is possible.

I also ordered this:

Quite possibly the most delicious clams ever. 

And finished the meal off with this:

Yummy gelato goodness.

Then I went home and instead of going to the gym ate a whole bunch of candy corn my best friend sent me. It came in a box with my Christmas present of Bath and Body Works, which had exploded. No, I just waste my candy corn just because it has a slight soap taste. Who do I look like, here?

Spent time tonight Skyping with above said friend and her fiance. Hey. The gym is super important, but eating candy and chatting with loved ones is better. Besides. I bust my booty at the gym. If I don't replenish those calories burned with candy, I might actually LOSE the weight I am trying to. Seriously, people. :)

Just kidding. I might still go to the gym. And for those who were commenting on my dedication to the gym by going at 2:30 am, don't let me fool you. I just work nights, so 2:30 am is like mid afternoon for me. The military frowns on healthy sleep schedules. Hehe.


  1. oh my goodness...gelato speaks to my soul. That looks DELISH!

  2. My best friend sent me a "birthday/halloween/christmas" package. Lol. She's awesome sauce.

  3. Spontaneously skipping gym sessions is good for the soul :)

  4. LOL! “It tasted worse than it looks. Yes. That is possible.” That cracked me up!! I’ve never had clams before…they kind of scare me haha! Totally agree that hanging out with friends is sometimes more important than the gym. That’s how I felt tonight, and it was def. worth it!

  5. I agree---spending time chatting with people you care about should take precedence over the gym (you can always work out later!).


  6. Were the christmas color candy corns!? Ahh a guilty pleasure of mine. I think spending time with ones you love is also more important than hitting the gym... Especially if your gym is open 24 hours like mine!