Monday, January 24, 2011

Awesome Band I Found...

Hey y'all.

Skipping the gym tonight. I'll do my usual lunges and planks, but other than that, I'm just not feeling it tonight. I didn't sleep but like two hours last night (and I'm working tonight, that's a bad mix.) Don't worry. Tomorrow I'll be back in the gym busting my booty from here to Kingdom Come. :)

The Eats of the Night:
+T-Bone steak. I love steak night.
+Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal with flaxseed
+Portion of rice
+LOTS more broccolli
+Oatmeal with flaxseed and 2 Splendas
+Crisp green apple. Yum.
+Blueberry Green tea with 2 Splendas. Delicious.
+English Breakfast tea with 2 Splendas
+Diet Coke
+Air popped popcorn with a little butter and parmesan.
+Regular Sprite. (My stomach felt really upset after the popcorn, so I had some Sprite to calm it down.)

Plus whatever I get at breakfast. My favorite meal of the day. Thank God I love oatmeal, or my meals would get boring quickly.... And the flaxseed is awesome, and I totally reccommend it. Maybe it is the placebo effect, but it's working on this girl. :)

By the way, if you like rock music, and want to hear a totally awesome band with a lead singer who rocks my socks off, try We Are The Fallen. Here is a link to one of their songs on YouTube. I love them pretty hardcore. A few are from the band Evanescence, but it's not Amy Lee as the lead singer, it's Carly Smithson, and I guess she was on American Idol. I never watch it, so I wouldn't know.... This is their official website.

Anways, I hope everyone has an awesome day! :)


  1. I see that you eat a lot of flaxseed! What are the benefits/how do you eat it?

  2. I love steak too. Don't think I could ever give it up! I used to be obsessed with Evanescence. This band is pretty awesome too!! Thanks so much for the link. Definitely going to download some of these songs. I love rock bands with girl singers. So b/a!

  3. I love Flaxseed on my cereal or sprinkled on fruit! :) it's not the placebo effect I feel it too! LOL Get your booty in the gym tomorrow wanna hear about your workout! :) (trying to be motivational not bossy fyi LOL)

  4. I am thinking about taking tomorrow off from the gym too... Oh I could never get sick of oatmeal! I actually had it for breakfast AND dinner today! haha.

  5. Love all the eats-yum. I love making flaxseed crackers-which I actually need to make now asap!

  6. I am a big believer in flax too---I like it a lot! So easy to dump some in oatmeal too.
    Thanks for the music rec...I'll check it out!

  7. Loooove me some steak!

    Checking out that song right now! Likin' it so far!

  8. Steak is my favorite. Going to go download that song right now!!! You are so good at doing your planks and me! Hope you are having a great day!

  9. Wow I really enjoyed that band, thanks for sharing :)