Thursday, January 6, 2011

Glee-ful Workout

I totally went to the gym this morning. Because of all of your comments! I knew I couldn't back down.


I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, and watched the first episode in Season 2 of Glee. Holy WOW. The minutes flew by like WHOA. I now have my new cardio show. It was amazing. I needed the show to get me through, since I was soooooo tired. That show rocks my socks.

MY NEWS. About that.

I was ging to tell everyone that I could start my my 2 week PAIN-FREE countdown to when I would start running again. (That was my deal with myself. Two whole weeks pain free, and I can run. Not until then.) BUT. My leg tonight is still feeling some pain. So the countdown hasn't started yet.

There is still good news. My leg IS healing. I can feel it. And I think I will be starting my countdown pretty soon. :) So I'm still positive!


  1. I love when shows or magazines make a workout fly by! Its good that youre waiting for your leg to fully heal before you start running again..wouldnt want to make it worse!

  2. SO many people run with injuries when they aren't supposed to. The wait will be worth it!

  3. It's hard to be patient...but worth it in the long run!

  4. I love television shows that get you through cardio so easily! I always watch Xena Warrior Princess (lol)! It really does magic for me. I'm sorry that your leg is aching, but definitely stay positive! :)

  5. ohgosh Glee is my FAVE. What perfect running show! I watch sex and the city on E! network or E!News lol

  6. Yes, I love it when I find a new "cardio show" haha :) keep up the great work!