Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awesome Socks.

Workout: Kettlebell workout(see below) / 30 minutes elliptical

First off, don't you love my workout socks? One of my best girlfriends sent them to me. :)

I wanted to get some pictures of me actually doing the exercises, but I wimped out, because of course my gym was super busy this morning.

Geeze. Don't people WORK anymore?

So I managed to get these totally posed shots....

Only on a fitness blog cold this picture be appropriate. And even then.... Lol

Yeah. cute, I know. But sheesh. I did just get off a 12 hour shift! :)

So, now that I have once again graced the internet with SUPER UNATTRACTIVE photos of myself... I'll get to the workout.

First off, the workout I posted yesterday I altered a whole bunch. The only one I did the same were the Turkish Roll-ups. 

I didn't feel my leg was quite ready for jumping squats yet, so I did normal squats, and followed each squat by swinging the KB over my head. 

The last exercise was too confusing, and when I tried it the way it was explained, I felt silly and it didn't feel like it was doing anything. So I just did a combination of a bicep curl then lifted my arm straight up. I did this on each side.

I also went up from 10 lb to 15lb, since I have been using 15 lb dumbbells, anyways. I think I may go up to 20 lb or 25 lb for the exercises you use both arms with. 

I did:
4 x 10 Turkish Roll=Ups
3 x 10 Squats with Overhead Swings
3 x 10 Curl Up / Arm Raises.

All in all, I felt it, and I think it was a good workout. I'll keep it in my arsenal. :) 

I'm also going to start a new "Favorite Workouts" page, and update it as I discover new fun workouts. I also found an elliptical interval workout, but you have to watch the time a whole bunch... so that will start when I'm finished with Glee! hehe. :) Everyone have a WONDERFUL day. 


  1. Love the socks! Super cute! :)

  2. Lovin’ the socks!! I thought I was the only who wore crazy socks to work out :) Cute workout pics!! And you look great!! Can’t wait to see your workout page. I always need new ideas!

  3. I love your socks!!! :) Awesome workout too!

  4. The favorite workouts page is an awesome idea! Ill be checkin it finding new exercise ideas.