Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Planks and Cucumbers

Hey ya'll!

I'll start with the rest of the eats of the night (or day....)

For my second meal, there was:
+Pork Adobo w/ a little bit of steamed rice. Yum.
+Another serving of lima beans. Also yum. And yay fiber. Kind of. Haha.
+CUCUMBERS! They are my favorite part of every meal. Except for my egg sandwich...
+Another pear.
+Cinnamon and Spice Oatmeal (sans flaxseed, didn't want my intestines to HATE me.)
+2 eggs fried on toasted pumpernickel bread. Ah. Heaven.
+A few strawberries that looked better than they tasted.
+A green apple. Very crisp. :)
+Sugar free hot chocolate
+2 more cups of tea. Yum.
+Diet Coke.
+Orange Juice.

Now. On to way less boring stuff. First off, The Social Network? Holy cow, that movie was the I now see why Oscar rumors are flying around that movie like mosquitoes in Africa. I think everyone should see it. That Zuckerman kid is HILARIOUS.

So I was perusing the internet this evening and stumbled across (ok. That's totally a lie. Sophia over at Raven Waves sent me the link..) this ab workout. It looks awesome, and all but two, I think, you don't need ANY equipment. I am super excited to try it out. Not tonight though. Tonight is a rest night. You know. Except for my planks and lunges. I was doing my left side plank, thich is usually easier for me, but my darn foot kept sliding on the floor. Anyone else have this problem? Man I hate it. Either my arm or my foot slips ALL THE TIME. I put my feet up against something in the gym usually.

Speaking of left side being easier, I have a question for y'all. I'm right handed, but it seems when it comes to exercise, my left side is stronger. With the exception of that darn upper thigh. My left arm is more toned, and also has an easier time when I'm lifting. It's kind of weird. Hmm. My thigh is feeling better, so I think I will stick to my original plan of a mile run every 3-4 days. I'll increase/decrease/remove that as I go along depending on how my leg feels.

Oh! And I updated my About Me page. :) Anyways, everyone have a great day!!


  1. I really like FitSugar, tons of great workout ideas! I'm the same way with side planks. My top foot never wants to stay put! Love the idea of fried eggs on pumpernickel. I need to change up my bread choices. A mile ever 3-4 days sounds like a great plan for me too!! Thanks!! :) Have a great day!

  2. Soph's abs are pretty great she has really curvy body but a flat flat stomach (she's my big sis so She's kinda perfect to me!) I also love doing abs that don't require equipment either!
    :) have a wonderful thursday!!! :)

  3. yum, your eats sound really delicious...and i'm not even a health nut! i must be starved :)

    thanks for the well wishes! have a great day!

  4. Okay now I REALLY have to see The Social Network!

    And that ab workout is SUPER similar to what I do! Very cool. :)